Exploring Self Science Through Peace Education and Conflict Resolution

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This volume contains scholarly papers written by professional educators in various areas of the teaching and learning arena, providing research-based information addressing crucial issues and focused on solutions for the national epidemic of youth violence.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Foreword (Carl Grant)

1. Peace Education: Enhancing Caring Skills and Emotional Intelligence in Children (Rose Duhon-Sells, Halloway Sells and Alfred Mouton)

2. Essential Elements of Peace Education and Resolving Self-Esteem Issues in Students (Gwendolyn Duhon-Hayes, Mary D. Minter, Kathryn Newman, Nanthalia McJamerson, and Loretta Jaggers)

3. Self Science (Julie Parham and Debbie Starkovich)

4. Multiple Intelligences (Phoebe Pruett and Lana Cooley)

5. Anger and Behavior Management (Marletne Marks and J. J. Johnson)

6. Imagination, Participation, and Action (Marilyn Llewellyn)

7. Conflict Resolutions: Implementing Peace Education (Phyllis Cuevas and Judy Shaver-Gardnier)

8. Peace Education Strategies for Elementary School Implementation (Mary M. Addison)

9. Parental Training: How to Implement Peace Education Strategies in the Family Unit (Fannye E. Love and Sherry Lynn Owens)

10. Peace Education Implemented in Teacher Assessment (Emma Thomas Pitts)

11. Peace Education: Utilizing Emotional Intelligenceas a Solution to Youth Violence (Glen Dotson and Carrie Robinson)

12. Peace Education: Influencing International Education (Porter Troutman)

13. Peace Education as a Part of the Teacher Education Curriculum (Whitney Harris)

14. Positive Peace Education: From Philosophy to Curriculum (Arlene Sacks and Anu Mitra)

15. Peace Education in the United States: Definition, Development and Diversity (Patricia Larke and Gail S. Taylor)

16. Peace Education: A Collaborative Effort of Families, School and Communities (Mary Augustus)

17. Youth Violence: Causes and Solutions With an Emphasis on Peer Counseling (Phyllis Sloan and Tiffani Sloan)

18. How Peace Education May Deter Youth Violence from the Perspective of Law Enforcement Officials, Parents and Students (Alice Duhon-Ross and Betty DeVane Hatcher)

19. What's Peace Have to Do With It? (Shirley Bailey Johnson)

Appendix: Working Together for Peace Education (Linda Davis and Students)

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