Devastating Impact of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on Health and Education

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a group of Southern University at New Orleans administrators, faculty and staff provided counseling for the children at Sophie B. Wright Middle School. Many of these children and their families could not evacuate for the hurricane and endured the horror at the Superdome and the local, state and national neglect. This book tells their stories. Gathering together leading experts to examine the lessons that Hurricane Katrina teaches us about better assessing, perceiving, and managing risks as well as dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster, this book provides insight into the effects of such disasters on the daily lives of the individuals who live through them.


“I commend the contributors to this manuscript, which focuses on life in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The vast majority of the contributors were displaced, experienced major loss of their valuables, life style and cultural experience. Nevertheless, they found the courage, energy and spirit to document some of their experiences and those of the children at Sophie B. Wright in an effort to process their feelings and help the children to gain insight and the ability to use that experience as a tool for them to continue to develop to their fullest potential psychologically, emotionally and academically.” – Dr. Victor Ukpolo, Chancellor, Southern University at New Orleans

Table of Contents

Foreword by Chancellor Victor Ukpolo, Ph.D.
Theme: “Be All You Can Be” by The Honorable Attorney Dale Atkins
1 The Impact of Hurricane Katrina: Voices of the Children - Rose Duhon-Sells, Glendolyn Jean Louis, and Gwendolyn Duhon-Owens
2 Using Online Distance Education Following Natural Disasters - Brucetta McClue and MaryFriend Shepard
3 Hurricane Katrina and The Educational Process - Ashraf Esmail, Lisa Eargle, and Shyamal Das
4 The Impact of Schools and Children in Katrina - Mary Augustus, Ashraf Esmail, Anna Evans Lamikanra
5 The Impact of Hurricane Katrina on the Lives of Children - Claudette Merrell Ligons, Avril Ashford, Renata L. Nero
6 A Therapeutic Reading Classroom in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina - Melba Venison and Alice Duhon-McCullum
7 Attending to the Wellbeing of Displaced Persons - James P. Takona
8 Why Keep Your Child From Learning Due to a Hurricane/Disaster? Homeschool Via Online Instruction - Brucetta McClue and Ashraf Esmail
9 Designing a Professional Development Plan to Enhance Academic Programs after a Natural Disaster Camacia Smith-Ross, Southern University at New Orleans - Ashraf Esmail
10 Teaching about Demographic Effects of Forced Migration: Putting the Depopulation of New Orleans by Katrina in a Global Perspective - Anna Evans Lamikanra, Ashraf Esmail, and Sonya Armstrong
11 Gaining Mathematical Perspectives through Numbers from Katrina - Jeffrey Weaver, Ashraf Esmail, and Sonya Armstrong
12 Impact of Katrina on Health of New Orleanians and Greater New Orleanians - Yetunde O. Ogunkoya

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