African-American Male Perspective of Barriers to Success

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This book differs from most of the available literature focused on African-American males, in that it is based on a collection of studies conducted on African-American males and data gathered from them, allowing them to ‘speak for themselves’. A few of the essays deal with the topic of being a gay African-American male.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
1. African American Male Students in the Classroom: Identification, Motivation, and Retention )Mary M. Addison, Dolores A. Westmoreland)
2. Multicultural Education: A new Paradigm for Enhancing the Educational Experience of Black Males (Rose Duhon-Sells, Halloway C. Sells, Gwendolyn Duhon-Boudreaux, Alice Duhon-Ross)
3. Getting the Most out of African-American Males in the Classroom (Whitney G. Harris, Ronald Blanchard)
4. Conceptions of the Male Familial Role by African-American Youth Revisited (Whitney G. Harris)
5. Successful African-American Males on a Predominantly White University Campus (Whitney G. Harris, Ramone Fletcher)
6. Hidden Role Traditionally male African-American Greek Letter Organizations (Whitney G. Harris)
7. Empowering African-American Males: Some Model Programs (Whitney G. Harris)
8. Something is Wrong with Him (Whitney G. Harris)
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