Improving the Quality of Education for African-american Males

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This text is designed to assist educators in urban school districts in closing the achievement gap among African-American males. It provides a framework for innovative educators to extrapolate creative methods and strategies for closing the achievement gap. This book demonstrates that African-American males’ achievement and standards can be improved if appropriate reforms and prerequisite skills associated with standards are employed. Widespread support and a concerted effort from the community and policy makers are needed to successfully achieve the recommended reforms advocated in this text. Alone, urban schools are ill-equipped to institute needed reforms and solve problems faced with closing the achievement gap among African-American males. Interagency collaboration and cooperation from various human services headed by the school are needed.


“ ... Urban education in this country, since the last five decades, has shown a decline in educating African-American males. There are many environmental factors responsible for this decline. The authors comprehensively present an extensive theoretical examination of the many complexities affecting the education of African-American males in urban schools ... This is an excellent text to support college-level courses, on both the undergraduate and graduate levels in education, social work, counseling, and psychology, and is highly recommended as a classic in its field.” – (from the Foreword) Thomas E. Terrell, Coppin State University

“The authors of this book have developed the necessary tools to help urban and special educators meet the needs of this large and growing population [African-American males]. Rather than offering a single pathway for transforming a school’s culture, the book reveals a set of principles to guide reformation ... This book is a chronicle of the major areas of concern in special education. From strategies for reforms from leadership to teacher education preparation, this work helps the reader remediate the problem and ready solutions ... The result [of this work] is a thought-provoking fusion of possibility tempered by reality, promises confronting pitfalls, and a worthy destination challenged by an ambiguous road map. Serious-minded educational transformers will appreciate and benefit from this journey.” – Dr. Frank Kober, Special Assistant to the President, Coppin State University

“In this book, the authors provide their readers with a rigorous and enthusiastic examination of the many complexities affecting the plight of African-American males and where they find themselves socially, culturally, and academically as well as environmentally. The authors provide an in-depth analysis of social, philosophical, educational, and cultural perspectives, with an emphasis on the delivery of instructional services that are inter-related explanations of causes and solutions to the many problems faced by African-American males ... The need for reforms in leadership and in school is a valid perspective in our changing culture and society and the evolution of everyday occurrences warrants these needs ...” – Professor Theresa Harris, Coppin State University

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Foreword by Thomas E. Terrell
1. Plight of Urban Education
2. Cognitive and Behavioral Styles of African-American Males
3. Reforms in Leadership
4. Reforms in Teacher Education
5. Parental Involvement
6. School and Community Involvement
7. Assessment
8. Classroom Management Problems
9. Creating Constructivist Classrooms
10. Improving Achievement of African-American Males
11. Curriculum Development
12. Curriculum Development: Social Skills
13. Direct Intervention Strategies
14. A Reform Model
15. Reforms in Educating African-American Males in Baltimore City Public Schools

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