Trends in Special Education

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A variety of developments in technology, assessment, psychology, curriculum innovation, teaching strategies, and state and federal laws have relevance for special education and have been projected to provide and predict the development of special education in the next decade.

The present status of special education is rapidly experiencing significant changes, chiefly due to state and federal laws, breakthroughs in learning styles, assessment, treatment, identification, computer technology, and learning theories are to but name a few areas that are projected to be changed by 2015.

This book provides information based upon present trends in special education and makes predictions for the future. It will be useful to special education personnel in the private and public sectors, teachers, administrators, counselors, and school psychologists working with exceptional children.


“Special education has undergone significant changes over the last several decades. Many of these changes have occurred due to enactment of federal and state laws, parental groups, technology, experimental methods of instruction, identification, assessment techniques, curriculum innovations, teacher training and certification are to name but a few. The author has comprehensively presented projections of special education in the next decade based upon present conditions in the listed areas ... This is an excellent text to support college level courses, on both the graduate and undergraduate levels in special education.” – (from the Foreword) Dr. Michael Trumbull, The Union Institute and University

“ ... the author has provided proven strategies and research findings to support the projected trends. Rather than offering a single pathway for projecting trends, the book provides specific strategies for validating the aforementioned trends. This book highlights the critical nature of projecting trends in special education with emphasis on the role of federal, state and local agencies. Dr. Taylor has developed a road map for agencies to plan for meeting the needs of exceptional individuals in the future ...” – Professor Henry Raymond, Bowie State University

“ ... Dr. Taylor has provided a succinct analysis on how trends will affect the education of exceptional individuals in all academic and related areas. The author has envisioned how trends in society will greatly influence the projection. The major thrust of the book is to assist personnel in both the public and private sectors responsible for serving individuals with exceptionalities, as well as preparing teachers to meet local, state, and federal mandates concerning educating this population.” – Dr. Nancy Boyill, The Union Institute and University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Michael Trumbull
1. Incidence of Disability
2. Federal Involvement: Impact on Supply and Demand of Teachers
3. Assessment of Disabled Children
4. Inclusion
5. Teacher Shortage: Supply and Demand
6. Technology
7. Curricula Innovations
8. Strategies for Promoting Social Skills
9. Transition and Related Services
10. Parenting Skills: Impact Upon Behavioral Patterns of Children
11. Collaboration Between School and Community
12. Summary
A CEC’s Summary of Selected IDEA Reauthorization
B New IDEA Delivers for Students with Disabilities
C Directions: Technology in Special Education
D Integrating Technology into the Special Education Classroom
E Information on Positive Behavioral Support
F Information Sheet
G Resources for IDEA Legislation

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