Narrative Bibliography of the African- American Frontier Blacks in the Rocky Mountain West, 1535-1912

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Although blacks have lived in the Rocky Mountain West since the first black slaves accompanied Spanish conquistadores to New Mexico c. 1535, their accomplishments have long been overlooked. However, in the past 25 years, historians have made efforts to research this topic and publicize their contributions. This book brings together in one reference source the information on this topic, from over fifty books and 150 articles, categorized in groupings such as cowboys, soldiers, women, businesspeople, blacks and Mormons, discriminatory laws, etc.. Each chapter begins with a brief narrative summary of the topic gleaned from reading the appropriate sources and then lists each relevant book and article in an annotated bibliography for each chapter. It will serve as valuable research and reference tool on the subject for historian, students, and librarians.


"Informative and well written, these are useful annotations. They summarize and evaluate each book, article, or chapter cited, and provide information on photos, maps, bibliographies and notes. The narrative structure makes the book a readable whole instead of another tiresome listing. . . . this is a valuable tool for any student of the Black contribution to frontier history." - Book Talk

"For each entry, Hardaway provides background information and contextualizes the subject. He includes some pertinent works and generally succeeds in extracting the authors' main arguments. Hardaway also notes the inaccuracies of the works included in his collection, a clear indication that African Americans are not exempt from the myths of the West. Obviously interested in creating a practical reference guide, Hardaway has included indexes by state, journal, subject, and author. . . in an endeavor to reach (or perhaps to create) a wider readership, he provides 'sources for young readers,' a vital sector of the population. . . . those interested in reading or writing about a fuller western experience would do well to consult Hardaway's Bibliography." - New Mexico Historical Review

". . . an excellent example of inquiry into what has been an obscure and difficult area of history and bibliography-making. Only in the past few years have we seen systematized studies of black history - western black history - carried out by researchers; this clearly stands as one of the best. . . . Sections that seem especially helpful are 'Estevanvico' and 'The Spanish Colonial Frontier', which give proper emphases to the varied roles played by Spanish/Moorish pioneers. . . . Similarly, the section 'Black Mormons' covers a topic that is controversial at root and only recently studied in detail. . . . This is truly a unique publication and will help all who are interested in American History, whether it be categorized as 'black' or not. One last comment: For those who love classic book printing and binding, this finely-crafted product is one that should grace library shelves." - Western Historical Quarterly

"Clearly written and cross-indexed by author, subject, state, and journal, this helpful compilation provides an excellent foundation for beginning students of the black experience in the West." - The Journal of Arizona History

". . . a most resourceful and interesting book. . . .BLACFAX recommends highly, to libraries in particular, Roger D. Hardaway's book. . . . It can be extremely helpful to researchers, historians, BLACFAX readers, and those who simply want to know more about the African America Diaspora. We commend Dr. Hardaway for compiling this valuable, well-written and richly documented source book." - BLACFAX

". . . well-researched, fully-objective, massive bibliography of the whole range of the African-American influence on the western frontier. . . . For scholarly work, there is no better book." - Muzzle Blast "In addition to providing a major research to

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