An Interdisciplinary Approach to Issues and Practices in Teacher Education

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This study covers related topics in the areas of teacher training, early childhood education, professional ethics, post-baccalaureate certification, student empowerment, etc. Provides tools for improving the quality of education and preparation provided to pre-service teachers.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:

Preface, Introduction

1.Combining Standards with Changing Teacher Needs: Introducing Teacher Research Strategies to Pre-service Teachers (Kathryn Newman)

2.Professional Ethics in Education: Process and Practice (Gwendolyn Duhon-Boudreaux and Halloway C. Sells)

3.The Impact of Preschool Programs and Home Factors on the Reading Readiness of First Grade Learners (Tamara L. Roberts)

4.Technology and Perception : A Possible Solution (Brian O. Williamson)

5.Increasing Levels of Cognitive Interactions in Preservice Teachers Using Material Created to Develop the Knowledge Base (Kathryn Newman)

6.Addressing Death and Grief Issues with School-aged Children in a Classroom Setting (Mary D. Minter, Glenda S. Starr, Nanthalia McJamerson, Lorett Jaggers, and Gwendolyn Duhon-Boudreaux)

7.Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Programs: Strategies for Enhancement, Improvement, and Peaceful Coexistence with Traditional Teacher Certification Programs (Mary Augustus, Rose Duhon-Sells, Alice Duhon-Ross, and Gwendolyn Duhon–Haynes)

8.Reconstructing Lives: A Reading-for-Empowerment Project (Nanthalia W. McJamerson)

9.Student Empowerment: Definition, Implications, and Strategies for Implementation (Gwendolyn Duhon-Boudreux)

10.Choosing Your Friends: A Strategy for Being Successful (Jewell L. Jackson)

11.A Common Sense Approach for Managing Classroom Discipline: A Practical Guide for First-Year Teachers (Elaine Foster)

12.Regional and Local Partnerships in Teacher Education (William N. Ekane)

13.Challenges for African Education in the 21st Century (William N. Ekane, Nelson Ngoh, and Lydia Luma)

14.Regional Cooperation and Higher Education (William N. Ekane)

15.Teaching Aids and Their Effects on Academic Performance: A Case Study of Four Anglophone Primary Schools in Yaounde (William N. Ekane, M. Mbangwana, and M Matchindi)

16.Guidance and Counsel: Has It Failed Our Students? (Glenda Smith Starr)

17.Communication Among Students, Parents and Teachers Is Missing a Main Ingredient. . . ‘Listening Skills' (Glenda Smith Starr)(

18.Crucial Disadvantages Facing an ‘At-Risk' Population of Young Adults in Today's Society (Donald W. Smith and Glenda Smith Starr)

19.A Teacher-Training Model for Promoting Education that is Multicultural Through Telecommunications (Loretta W. Jaggers and Vicki R. Brown)

20.CARE: A Model for Developing Life-Long Decision-Making Skills (Loretta W. Jaggers)

21.A Community-Based Program for Promoting Increased Academic Skills, Self-Esteem, and Cultural Awareness (Loretta W. Jaggers)

22.Integrating Instructional Technology into Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Curriculum and Graduate School Programs (Alice Duhon-Ross, Burel Block, and Claude Perkins)

23.‘Immunity to the Immaculate Perception': Changing the Quality of Schooling Through Aesthetic Education (Nanthalia W. McJamerson and Jimmy McJamerson))

24.Empowering the At-Risk Reader: Teaching Strategies (Mary M. Addison, Margaret Stroud, and Delores A. Westmoreland)

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