Exercise Physiology as a Healthcare Profession

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This is a book about the future of exercise physiology as a healthcare profession. It is not a book about exercise physiology as a research discipline, but about you, the student of exercise physiology, and about the academic exercise physiologists, and how they can create a credible future for their students. This book was written with the express purpose of talking about the change process and how it is needed for exercise physiologists to work in healthcare. For instance, there are chapters about giving shape to the future, professionalism and leadership, and the courage to do what seems to be the impossible. Deep within each of us is the need to face reality with hope and courage to speak from the heart. It is here that real change and a shared vision takes place. Thus, this book is my effort to show the reader how to go about creating professionalism in exercise physiology. It is here that the reader comes to understand the importance of the ASEP Board Certification, Code of Ethics, Accreditation, and Standards of Professional Practice. After all, exercise is medicine, and the ASEP leadership has provided the blueprint to assist the academic community in developing this awareness and applying it to all aspects of exercise physiology tomorrow and beyond.


“This book is all about action, choices, and realizing a vision. … to see a better future where they are credible, financially secure, and unified exercise physiologists who have their own professional organization that promotes the practice of exercise physiology as a credible healthcare profession.” – Dr. Steve Brock, North Pike School District

“This book has helped me see exercise physiology as an academic field that is just starting to come into its own. … changing exercise physiology for the better.” – Prof. Yit Aun Lim, Life University

“… nothing short of a marvel. It is well written, methodical in approach, logical in presentation, and compiles years of experience and thought.” – Prof. J. Lance Tarr, West Liberty University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Steve Brock, Ph.D

Preface by Yit Aun Lim. Ph.D



Part I: The Need for Change

Chapter 1: The Challenges of Change

Chapter 2: Understanding Exercise Physiology

Chapter 3: Today’s Exercise Physiologist

Chapter 4: Overcoming Professional Apathy

Part II: The Future and Healthcare

Chapter 5: The Professional Organization

Chapter 6: A Look at the Future

Chapter 7: Healthcare Professionals

Chapter 8: Giving Shape to the Future

Part III: Professionalism and Leadership

Chapter 9: In Search of Excellence

Chapter 10: Language of Professionalism

Chapter 11: The Leadership Challenge

Chapter 12: The New Exercise Physiology

Part IV: The Courage of Change

Chapter 13: Leading Change Requires Guts

Chapter 14: The Dream

Chapter 15: The Impossible

Chapter 16: The Courage to Get Involved

Chapter 17: Facing Challenges Head On

Part V: Facing Reality

Chapter 18: Politics and Free Speech

Chapter 19: Questioning Popular Thinking

Chapter 20: There is Hope

Chapter 21: Moral Courage

Part VI: Speaking From the Heart

Chapter 22: From the Heart

Chapter 23: Economy and College Applications

Chapter 24: Something Has to Change

Chapter 25: A Shared Vision or More Deception

Part VII: Now and Tomorrow as One

Chapter 26: Getting Serious About College

Chapter 27: Professional Development

Chapter 28: The EPC in Healthcare

Chapter 29: Exercise is Medicine

Epilogue: The Visible Profession



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