Integrating Spirituality and Exercise Physiology. Toward a New Understanding of Health

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This book proposes that health care is not just about physical abilities but mental
and spiritual beliefs as well. The author argues for a more complex understanding of
the psycho-physiological connection and advocates for a more holistic approach that may presently be perceived as a radical way to think about the practice of exercise
and exercise physiology as a profession.


From the Foreword
“This is a book for exercise physiologists who dream of being healthcare professionals. It contains the understanding that clients/patients are more than just physical entities. There isn’t any question that it is a major departure from exercise physiology as a research discipline, yet it is the right path for growth within the profession. This is the strength of this book. . . It represents a remarkable insight into what it means to be a healthcare professional. ”

­-Prof. Erin Houser
Exercise Physiologist

Table of Contents

Erin Houser
Green T. Waggener

A 21st Century Vision of Exercise Physiology

Part I: Spirituality
Chapter 1

What is Spirituality?
Chapter 2
Exercise Physiologists

Part II: Spirituality and Healthcare
Chapter 3

Integrating Spirituality and Exercise Physiology
Chapter 4
Spirituality and Health

Part III: Spirituality and Faith
Chapter 5
Spirituality and Faith
Chapter 6
Healing Power of Spirituality and Faith

Part IV: Exercise Physiology
Chapter 7
Future of Exercise Physiology
Chapter 8
Exercise and Spirituality

Imagine the Future

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