The Business of Exercise Physiology: Thinking Like and Entrepreneur

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This book contains the information that Board Certified Exercise Physiologists need to start and manage a profitable healthcare business. In addition to helping physiologists understand what it takes to start a business, the book also addresses the importance of a business plan. The more information that exercise physiologists have at the beginning, the more likely they are going to be successful. The idea is to identify what is needed as an entrepreneur to get started and how to be successful at growing your own business. This book is a declaration of intent and permission to “just do it.”


“…an excellent resource on the business of exercise physiology.” – Desiree Ahrens, Minnesota Association of Exercise Physiologists

“…clearly structured…inspiring yet practical…” – Prof. David X. Swenson, The College of St. Scholastica

Table of Contents

Foreword by Aaron Fulkerson

Preface by Desiree Ahrens



Part I: Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Chapter 1 – Basics of Professionalization: Historical Context

Chapter 2 – Entrepreneurship: Planning a Business

Part II: Future of Healthcare

Chapter 3 – Healthcare in the United States

Chapter 4 – Healthcare as a Business: Is It Right For You?

Part III: A New Healthcare Business

Chapter 5 – Small Business Fundamentals

Chapter 6 – Strategic Plan of Action: Healthcare Center

Chapter 7 – Small Business Plan: Healthcare Center

Part IV: Thinking Differently

Chapter 8 – We Are What We Think: The Power of Belief

Chapter 9 – The Entrepreneurship Spirit

Epilogue: Future Teachers – The Entrepreneurial Mindset



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