An African American Pastor Before and After the American Civil War Volume 5: The Literary Archive of Henry Mc Neal Turner, 1883-1892

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Volume 5 continues the series by Dr. Andre Johnson as he recovers the lost voice within African American History of Henry McNeal Turner one of the most prolific writers and speakers during his time. Post-reconstruction in the United States and Turner's election as the bishop in the A.M.E. Church gave him an important platform from which he shared his views. The letters and correspondence cover the period August 1883- March 1892.

Table of Contents

Part Three: Letters to Districts and the Church
A Work of Prayer and Supplication (August 16, 1883)
An Appeal for Our African Work (August 23, 1883)
Bishop Turner Replies to Rev. S.H. Robertson (April 10, 1884)
Bishop Turner Addresses His District (August 14, 1884)
The Bishops on Theology (September 18, 1884)
Bishop Dickerson's Address Recommended by Bishop Turner (November 6, 1884)
Annual Conference Ministers (January 29, 1885)
Bishop Turner Fires at the Secretaries (March 26, 1885)
Bishop Turner's Address (July 16, 1885)
Bishop Payne's Book (September 10, 1885)
Bishop Turner to the Ministers of his District (January 7, 1886)
Bishop Turner on the Bishop's Convention (July 22, 1886)
Ministers Read(September 13, 1888)
Bishop Turner and the New England Conference (December 27, 1888)
Silver Anniversary of Bishops Wayman and Campbell (January 3, 1889)
Notice to the First Episcopal District (February 14, 1889)
Untitled (July 25, 1889)
Notice (September 12, 1889)
Bishop Turner Calls a Presiding Elders Meeting (October 17, 1889)
The Bishop Dickerson Monument (November 7, 1889)
Connectional Literary Historical and Education Association, A.M.E. Church (June 6, 1890)
Bishop Turner's Appeal to the First District (July 17, 1890)
The Electoral Colleges Called - Presiding Elders' Convention to Meet in Boston (September 25, 1890)
Expelling Members Without a Trial (October 16, 1890)
Who Wishes to Help Africa (August 6, 1891)
Bishop H.M. Turner to his District (October 8, 1891)
Part Four: Interview and Book Reviews
The Colored Vote (October 23, 1883)
Turner on Civil Rights (October 27, 1883)
Some Gritty Remarks by Bishop Turner of the A.M.E. Church (February 23, 1884)
A Colored Man's Hope (May 12, 1884)
A Question of Color (May 13, 1884)
he Has Very Little Trouble in Traveling On Account Of His Color (January 7, 1889)
Untitled (August 10, 1889)
Will Aid the Colored Race (April 17, 1890)
Bishop Turner Talks (July 14, 1890)
Bishop H.M. Turner Reviews "The Divine Logos" Just Published by Prof. H.T. Johnson (August 28, 1890)
Rev. J.E. Hayne's Book (October 2, 1890)
From the Book: Noted Negro Women (January 21, 1891)
Negro Nationality in Africa (July 11, 1891)
Bishop Turner on Africa (February 20, 1892)
Part Five: Essays, Eulogies, Poems and Personal Reflections
The Conflict for Civil Rights (August 23, 1881)
The Democratic Return to Power (January 1885)
The Demise of Mrs. J.A. Handy (January 15, 1885)
Bishop Turner's New Book (June 25, 1885)
Death of Simon S. Ashe: Father-In-Law of Dr. Lee (November 8, 1888)
Civil Rights: The Outrage of the Supreme Court of the United States upon the Black Man(January 4, 1889(
A Remarkable Letter(February 14, 1889)
Bishop Turner Upon the Death of his Wife (November 9, 1889)
Death of Mrs. Josephine Somers (June 19, 1890)
Bishop H.M. Turner Upon the Anniversary of His Wife's Death (July 13, 1890)
Bishop H.M. Turner on the Election Bill -Hot Words and Rough Language (August 28, 1890)
President Harrison's Administration (September 11, 1890)
Second Anniversary in Heaven (July 30, 1891)
Bishop Turner Replies to Some Charges Made Against Him (March 8, 1892)

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