An African American Pastor Before and After the American Civil War Volume 6: The Literary Archive of Henry McNeal Turner, 1893-1900

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Volume 6 continues the series by Dr. Andre Johnson as he recovers the lost voice within African American History of Henry McNeal Turner one of the most prolific writers and speakers during his time. Post-reconstruction in the United States and Turner's election as the bishop in the A.M.E. Church gave him an important platform from which he shared his views. The letters and correspondence cover the period from 1893-1900.


“… I decided to offer the writings as is, without editing or footnoting. In other words, the writings will speak for themselves and will serve as a primary source for research. … It is my intent to recover a lost voice within African and American rhetorical history. Bishop Henry McNeal Turner deserves to be as well-known as his contemporaries are.”

Table of Contents



Part One: Letters to the Church

The African Conference (January 12, 1893)
Untitled (August 10, 1893)
Ministers AME Church Take Notice (November 16, 1893)
Important: An Address to the Ninth Episcopal District (January 4, 1894)
Grand Words from Our Senior (August 25, 1898)
Bishop Turner Opposes Fifth Year Term (September 22, 1898)
Bishop Turner's Ringing Letter (January 19, 1899)
To Hold My Memorial Services (August 9, 1899)

Part Two: Introduction and Essays

To Colored People (January 13, 1895)
Home of the Blacks (February 2, 1895)
Bishop Turner's Scheme (February 15, 1893)
Introduction (March 20, 1896)
The Baptist Magazine (January 1896)
Negroes Get Guns (March 17, 1897)
Bishop Turner Would be Moses of His Race (August 1, 1897)
Negro Emigration to African (September 7, 1899)

Part Three: Interviews

The Negro Problem (February 12, 1893)
A Million Ready to Go (October 7, 1894)
Welcomed in Liberia (June 17, 1895)
Must the Negro Go (1899)
Negro Emigration (October 21, 1897)
Negro Race Dying Out There (October 10, 1898)
Blames McKinley (July 6, 1899)
Bishop Turner for Bryan (September 11, 1900)

Part Four: The Letters

Bishop Turner's Letter (August 2, 1893)
Colored National Convention (October 19, 1893)
Strong Negro Endorsements (October 19, 1893)
W.H. Rutherford, DGS Sets Rights (January 18, 1894)
Letter to the Secretary of War (April 25, 1894)
Letter to the Secretary of War (April 28, 1894)
Bishop Turner and Dr. Smith's Open Letter (March 7, 1895)
Bishop Turner's Wail (July 18, 1896)
Bishop Turner Writes (February 4, 1897)
Turner Scores His Critics (September 11, 1897)
A Letter to Bill Arp (April 8, 1899)
Henry McNeal Turner to Hallie Quinn (May 5, 1899)


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