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This assembly of essays probes the enslavement of African people from an interdisciplinary perspective. It examines Europe, the Caribbean, the United States, and indentured servitude in Africa itself.

“In sum, Dr. Conyers’ research in this manuscript is groundbreaking, seeking to provide a greater breadth and depth of insight on enslavement from the standpoint of the Africa. . . . he has simultaneously set a high standards for scholarly research in both the academy and the discipline of Africana Studies while offering a thoughtful view of the Africana experience from the standpoint of African people’s plight in enslavement worldwide.” – Andrew P. Smallwood

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface; Introduction
Part One: Africa
The Unknown African Origin (Carter G. Woodson)
Some Aspects of Slavery in Southeastern Nigeria (J. S. Harris)
Negro Culture in Two Continents, A General Discussion (Fred A. Carlson)
Ancient African Civilizations (Charles H. Wesley)
America Discovered Many Times Before Columbus (Burton Kline)
Part Two: Africans in Europe
Negro Companions of the Spanish Explorers (R. R. Wright)
Special Report of the Anti-Slavery Conference held in Paris, in the Salle Yerz, August 26-27, 1867
Dr. Cheever’s Position and John Brown’s Execution (A Public Meeting in Edinburgh)
Spanish Guinea, Enclave Empire (Sanford Berman)
The Rise of Negro Education in the British Empire (Charles H. Wesley)
Part Three – Africans in the Caribbean
The Negro Brotherhood of Sevilla (Arthur A. Schomburg)
A History of Slavery in Cuba: 1511-1868 (Hubert H. S. Aimes)
The British West Indian Slave Trade after its Abolition in 1807 (Eric Williams)
A Note on Jamaica (Rush Anna Fisher)
Life on the Sea Island ( C. L. Forten)
Part Four – Enslavement of Africa
Proceedings of the Anti-Slavery Convention of American Women held in Philadelphia, May 15-18, 1838
An Address to the Anti-Slavery Christians of the United States
Constitution of the American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society Preamble
The Fate of the Southern Anti-Slavery Movement (Kenneth M. Stammp)
Constitution of the American Anti-Slavery Movement and its Auxiliaries
Part Five – Blacks in America
Communications (John R. Lynch)
Debtor and Chattel Slavery in Aboriginal North America (William Christie Macleod)
Slavery in Struggle with Servitude (Carter G. Woodson)
Revitalized Slavery Curbed (Alruthens Ambush Taylor)
The Negro in American Thought: The Nadir 1877-1901 (Rayford Logan)
The Negro Immigrant (Ira De A. Reid)
Reconstruction and Its Benefit (W. E. Burghardt DuBois)
Conclusion; Bibliography; Index

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