Western Sahara Since 1975 Under Moroccan Administration Social, Economic, and Political Transformation

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Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Preface; Introduction
1. Western Sahara before Colonization
2. Spanish Colonization
3. Moroccan Takeover of Western Sahara
4. Social Transformation (Urbanization, Housing, Education, Health, Culture)
5. Economic Transformation (Transportation, Ports, Water, Electricity, Telecommunications, Commerce, Mining, Fisheries, Industry, Agriculture, Livestock, Tourism)
6. Political Transformation (Saharan provinces, administration, Councils and Assemblies, Elections, Royal Consultative Council, Judiciary, Human Rights; Civic Associations, Disturbances of 1999)
7. Conclusions
Appendix: Framework Agreement of Western Sahara (UN Security Council, 2001)
Bibliography; Index

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