Structural Adjustment and the Crisis in Africa Economic and Political Perspectives

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This collection of six essays by leading African authorities provides a comprehensive evaluation of the impact of the structural adjustment programs of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund on Sub-Saharan Africa, and the alternative avenues for resolving the continent's current economic and political crisis. The volume, which also contains discussion of the essays by other academics and policy-makers, represents a thorough examination of the change in official policy on the poorest and most marginalized of the world's regions. Essays include: The Dimensions of the African Crisis (Adebayo Adedeji); The Legitimacy Crisis of the State (Claud Ake); The Peasant Question and the Contemporary Crisis (Mahmood Mamdani); What Next for African Women? (Marie-Angélique Savané); The View from the World Bank (Dunstan Wai); The Social Dimensions of Structural Adjustment (Sheila Smith).

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