Subject Area: Education & Educational Teaching Methods

Activism and Disciplinary Suspensions / Expulsions at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. A Phenomenological Study of the Black Student Sit-In Movement, 1960-1962
2013 0-7734-4347-9
This study examines the emergence of Radical African American Student Voices in the 1960s civil rights struggles. Focusing on personal stories of African American college students expelled or suspended from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) the work examines their vibrant Sit-In Movement activism that resulted in exposing the world to the nation’s complicity in endorsing the South’s archaic notions that black citizens had no rights that were equal to those enjoyed by Whites.

The birth of the Southern Black Student Sit-In Movement eventually engaged thousands of students attending many of the South’s land-grant and private HBCUs, becoming the major vehicle for students en masse to demonstrate their opposition to the South’s deep-seated, racist Jim Crow laws.

Adult English Language Learners and Self-assessment: A Qualitative Study
2014 0-7734-3523-9
This study explores the relationship between adult English-language learners’ assessment of their own language proficiency on the English Ability Questionnaire (EAQ) and their performance on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). It addresses aspects of developing the “autonomous” student and makes for the integration of self-directed learners who will be more aware of their strengths and weaknesses and how to address them

Alternative Anthropological Perspectives on Education
2009 0-7734-5023-8
[Note: This book is a reprint of the text of Vol 109, Number 7, July 2007 of the Teachers College Record, Teachers College, Columbia University]

This work adds to the scholarship in the field by exploring educational processes in the broadest manner and from a variety of disciplinary orientations. At its core is the challenge it issues: what sort of research should one conduct if s/he believes the commonly held idea that education is a broader process that it is made to be when one takes schooling as a paradigmatic institution of education?

An Analysis of South Africa's Education Policy Documents
2006 0-7734-5616-3
The language of education policy documents indicates the nature of the society South African educational policy-makers envisioned in a country where people from diverse backgrounds share the same geographical space. The language indicates how they perceived both themselves and the various groups in their society and points to concerns which, couched in similar-sounding terms as regimes have changed, often have the same ideological content and reflect the aspirations of the respective dominant group. Today, this is no longer the white minority, but what it has perhaps always been, the “first-world” – global – economy. South Africa’s educational policy documents from four periods are examined: the Period of Colonization 1652-1910; the Era of Segregation 1910-1948; Apartheid: the Years After 1948; 1994: the ANC, South Africa and a Government of National Unity.

Concepts of the ‘self’ and the ‘other’ present in the non-homogenous society within which the documents were formulated are identified, as are the concerns underlying educational policies. Models developed by Van Dijk on the relevance of political, social and historical context in discourse analysis, by Halliday and Hasan on cohesion, by Fairclough on language as the carrier of ideology, by Lakoff and Johnson on experimental metaphors, and by Vaughan on dominant themes in discourse, are adapted to examine how the language used encodes, reflects, and creates the reality of South African society in general and of education policy in particular.

Language, Christianity and nationalism are identified as the underlying concerns. Their subservience to the economic interests of the dominant group raises questions as to the practical possibilities of changing meaning systems when prejudice and racism are institutionalized to serve the purposes of those wishing to retain economic dominance. This study demonstrates that despite political change, the style and register of the language used and the concerns underlying educational policies in South Africa are continuous and congruous.

Analisis y Valoracion De Sitios web de Centros Escolares
2003 0-7734-6788-2
This study analyzes and evaluates websites in Spanish scholastic centers.

Anatomy of an Academic Mobbing: Two Cases
2008 0-7734-4922-1
Examines two cases of academic mobbing, with an introduction explaining the background, context, and significance of the incidents.

Annotated Bibliography of Multi-Cultural Literature and Related Activities for Children Three to Ten Years
2004 0-7734-6474-3
Today’s schools are very diverse. As a result, many teachers and parents are faced with the challenge of helping children understand and accept differences. Multicultural literature provides an ideal way to expose children to how much we are alike even if we are different.

This annotated list of over three hundred multicultural children’s books is a comprehensive list of books from diverse cultures. Children from different cultures as well as children for whom English is not their first language will see themselves represented in authentic ways. Children from mainstream America will also have the opportunity to learn about different cultures.

While there is a plethora of multicultural literature for children, there is an absence of tools to connect the literature to activities. In this book there are several activities which are connected to and support the stories discussed. These activities, along with the "A Suggestion to Broaden Cultural Awareness” section, allow adults and children to view literature and cultural diversity from different perspectives. Children considered different will feel validated as they begin to learn that being different is not a deficit.

Early childhood and elementary teachers will find this annotated list of books a good resource for connecting children to books. The variety of books will also help children to understand and appreciate the positive aspects of diversity.

Applying Twelve Different Learning Theories to Improve Classroom Teaching: Ways to Close the Achievement Gap
2008 0-7734-4975-2
Explicates a functional approach to employing theories of learning in the classroom.

Articulación de las Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación en la educación
2003 0-7734-6780-7
This study examines the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education, especially in the field of Spanish linguistics. It discusses the need to carry out innovative training and didactic strategies in order to prepare teachers and students to use the internet and ICT resources.

Bilingual Education in Pre-Independent Irish-Speaking Ireland, 1800-1922
2006 0-7734-5636-8
In recent years, there has been a great interest worldwide in the development of bilingual education policies, as well as interest in associated research and innovations reported in the academic literature. Yet, bilingual education is not a recent phenomenon. Rather, it has a rich and diverse history. This book is offered as a contribution to a small but growing corpus of studies in the field. It is an historical account of the Bilingual Program of Instruction introduced in selected primary schools in Irish-speaking districts in Ireland between 1904 and 1922. The general historical context is outlined, and the nature of the Program, the extent to which it was disseminated, and the inadequacies of teacher training for its implementation are considered. Teacher development of bilingual methods is also examined. This is followed by an exposition on the broad pattern of responses to the Bilingual Program in the various Irish-speaking districts around the country, and an overview of developments leading up to the phasing out of the Program shortly after the establishment of the Irish free state in 1922. The book concludes with an overview of the major milestones in language education policy in Ireland in the post-independence years.

Bishop Beck and English Education, 1949-1959
1990 0-88946-796-X
During a past century when educators in England and Wales spoke of the problem in education, it was understood to be that of Church vs. State for control. This book is the fascinating story of the final decade of that struggle, 1949-1959.

Brief Outline of Theology as a Field of Study
1990 0-88946-359-X
Gives Schleiermacher's own distinctive theory of theological study as he presented it at the University of Berlin in 1811.

Bullying as a Social Pathology
2008 0-7734-5196-X
The study examines and explains the phenomenon of bullying in the context in which it occurs and the various agents involved. The author provides a detailed examination of the emotional lives of both bullies and their victims. This, in turn, offers readers insight into the emotional impairments that underlie violent behavior and the strategies that young people develop in order to cope.

Can School Children Be Taught to Think Creatively? The Creativity Policy for Singapore Education
2009 0-7734-4674-5
This book examines the construction and practice of creativity policy in Singaporean education, and contributes to the existing body of knowledge on creativity policy.

Case for Alternative Teacher Certification
2016 1-4955-0442-5
In the wake of educational reform the traditional approach to teacher certification is being drastically impacted by the pressures of increased accountability from multiple stakeholders. To address expected teacher shortages, university preparation programs are looking at “non-traditional” approaches to certifying teachers at a quicker rate. This reform model of certifying is referred to as an Alternative Teacher Certification pathway. Dr. Smith Ross gives the debate on the subjecty substance and facts in this study.

Causal Theory and Causal Research: An Historical Perspective
2014 0-7734-3531-X
This reader friendly discussion of causality is a comprehensive analysis of the five conditions necessary for a causal effect to exist. Historical precursors of the standpoint are reviewed, and structural equations modeling (SEM) is used with large-scale data to illustrate the process associated with the test for these conditions.

Changes in Educational Policies in Britain, 1800-1920: How Gender Inequalities Reshaped the Teaching Profession
2009 0-7734-4913-2
Historically, education in Scotland lies at the heart of national pride and has been widely acclaimed as a more democratic and meritocratic system in terms of wider access to schools and universities when compared with England. One of the main paradoxes which this book unpacks is the that under the Scottish public co-education structure, schoolmasters did overall benefit more favorably within this distinctive tradition whereas the treatment of women teachers as an occupational group in relative terms was more ideologically undemocratic and patriarchal in relation to their female counterparts under the English system. This book sets out on a historical journey and embarks on the reconstruction of policy formation on gender and occupational segregation in the elementary (now called primary) school teaching and it shows that there was nothing ‘natural’ about that process.

Changing Paradigms in Chinese Christian Higher Education 1888-1950
2002 0-7734-7051-4
This volume features two scholars from China and two from Hong Kong. They represent an international outlook on the set of problems they address. The contribution of this work is to highlight a few significant aspects of Christian higher education in China during the Republican Period (1912-1949, especially the fading of religious and theological education, and the paradoxical growth at some of these foreign-established institutions of high quality academic programs in Chinese studies.

Charles H. Parrishes. Pioneers in African- American Religion and Education, 1880-1989
2002 0-7734-6907-9
This work examines the little-known story of this father and son whose work in religion and education spanned a period of more than a hundred years. A former slave, Charles H. Parrish, Sr. graduated in 1886 from State University in Louisville (later Simmons College). The school was owned and operated by black Kentucky Baptists, the only school of black higher education in the state until 1930. Parrish, Sr. served as president from 1918 to 1931. As a founding member of the National Baptist Convention, he also served as chairman of the foreign mission board and editor of the publishing board. During a period of rank segregation, he was an officer of the Baptists World Alliance, a racially integrated worldwide organization. Parrish, Jr. was a leader in black higher education during several transitional periods. He was a part of the transition from missionary schools to public black schools, and from public supported black schools to integrated ones. He was the first black professor to teach at a public supported university in the South, teaching at the University of Louisville.

China’s Teacher-Student Relations in the Period of Modernization (1982-1992): A Comparative Study
2011 0-7734-3658-9
This book examines the significance of China’s open-door policy to comparative education and its effect on Chinese educators. It considers traditional forms of the Chinese teacher-student relationship and how differences in pedagogical theory in China and the West influence this relationship.

Comment Les Ordinateurs Facilitent L’apprentissage D’une Langue Seconde / How Computers Help Students Learn a Foreign Language: Recherche Experimentale Sur La Collaboration En Ligne
2010 0-7734-3773-9
This book studies the benefits and the disadvantages of on-line collaborative learning in Distance Education courses. In order to verify how interaction and collaboration work between students in distance education courses, the author makes the distinction between collaboration and cooperation and discusses how interactions between learners occur in a virtual environment.

Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Task Based Versus Traditional Instruction of Intermediate Italian as a Foreign Language
2011 0-7734-3942-0
This study provides new evidence in favor of TBI methodologies in the acquisition and development of fluency in second language learners of Italian.

Comparing Problems in International Education
2006 0-7734-5814-X
This book significantly contributes to the literature in international education by offering unique perspectives on specific issues of the discipline, particularly in the areas of civic education, democratization of the curriculum, and the internationalization of multicultural education. Specific post-modernist issues in international education are analyzed in a style that is free from oblique jargon. The multidisciplinary nature of international education invites contributions to the literature from scholars in different disciplines. Selected topics in international education are discussed under the theme “Problems in International Education.”

Comparison of the Educational Ideas and Practices of John Dewey and Mao Zedong in China: Is School Society or Society School?
1992 0-7734-9799-4
This study compares the educational ideas and implementations of Dewey and Mao from 1919 to 1981 in the context of Chinese modern history. The differences between them, on whether school is society or society is school, whether class character should be embodied in moral education, and whether intellectuals are leaders or mere followers in social transformation, highlight the most fundamental debates in education, still unsettled today. Their similarities in emphasizing the connection between school and society, the role of experience in learning, and of morality in schooling illuminate the essential issues in modern education. The interweaving of their differences and similarities offers us intriguing and provocative insights for education today and tomorrow.

Contribution of the Religious Orders to Education in Glasgow During the Period 1847-1918
2006 0-7734-5932-4
This study describes, explains, analyzes and assesses the contribution of five teaching religious orders to the development of Catholic education in Glasgow from 1847, when, with the arrival of the Franciscan Sisters, Catholic religious life returned to Glasgow for the first time since the Reformation until 1918 and the passing of the landmark Education (Scotland) Act. It concentrates on the influence and achievements of the religious orders in their role as teachers and managers of a number of primary, secondary, and night schools in Glasgow as well as the contribution of the Sisters of Notre Dame in their particular role as educators of Catholic teachers in Glasgow. In 1918 Catholics in Scotland reversed the decision they took in 1872 to remain outside the national system of education. From 1918 religious education according to ‘use and wont’ was to be allowed within well-defined limits, but would not be fostered by the civil authority, and provision was made for a revision of the teacher-training system.

The study argues that the work of five religious orders, the Franciscans, the Sisters of Mercy, the Marists, the Jesuits and the Sisters of Notre Dame in Catholic education in Glasgow, made it feasible for Catholic schools to remain outside the state system after the 1872 Education (Scotland) Act and until the passing of the 1989 Education (Scotland) Act. Throughout the 46 years 1872-1918, the root problem for Catholic education was finding money to subsidize Catholic schools. The key to the grants was efficiency. The source of efficiency in schools was the Training College. As a result, the story of Catholic education up to 1918 is largely one of how the increasing financial burden, without any relief from the rates to which they contributed, was borne by every section of the Catholic community in an endeavour to provide their children with an education comparable to that given in the more favoured and progressive rated schools.

Cornelia Connelly’s Innovations in Female Education, 1846-1864: Revolutionizing the School Curriculum for Girls
2008 0-7734-5187-0
The study demonstrates the processes through which Cornelia Connelly arrived at her educational synthesis and portrays an historical account of her work in education. It traces the development of Connelly’s work in girls’ education and provides an educational-historical framework within which to situate her contribution. This book contains four black and white photographs.

Creating an Education System for England and Wales
1992 0-7734-9528-2
This book is a re-creation of the two magnificent parliamentary dramas that forged the educational future for the populace of England and Wales. In 1870 and 1902 Education Bills were before the British Parliament designed to create a unique system of education. They provoked deputations and letters of protest, mass rallies and heated exchanges. Surviving clauses affected more people more profoundly than almost any comparable legislation in the history of the nation. Controversial clauses precipitated two battles in the House of Commons, and drew contributions from politicians including Gladstone, Forster, Russell, Lowe, Shaftesbury, Norfolk, Chamberlain, Balfour, Campbell-Bannerman, Asquith, Lloyd-George, Rosebery, Churchill, and more.

Cross-Border Teaching and the Globalization of Higher Education: Problems of Funding, Curriculum Quality and International Accreditation
2010 0-7734-3799-1
This book critically considers the current trend to global interactivity in the area of Higher Education and asks the question who is all this mobility meant to profit? Drawing a distinction between educational effectiveness and educational efficiency it argues strongly that the focus on student learning ought not to be lost in the international progression towards corporate universities.

Cultural Analysis of Student Life at a Liberal Arts College
1992 0-7734-9634-3
A descriptive analysis of the results of a multi-method research study which utilized both qualitative and quantitative techniques to study the student culture at Saint Leo College. Describes the college student culture in detail: its mores and customs, its beliefs, values, and attitudes, its pattern of daily life, its developmental phases, and the interpersonal relationships among members of the culture. Although the methodology used in the study is common among anthropological researchers, it has rarely been used to study college students. Those taking or teaching anthropology or sociology can benefit from the description of methodology employed in the study. Also, the campus-specific data can be used to examine college policies and practices.

Damaging Effect of Recent British Educational Reforms on Secondary School Teachers: An Empirical Study
2008 0-7734-4786-5
This work examines the political context of recent educational policies and the replacement of tracing a broadly social democratic consensus view on the purpose of state education with the radical market-led neo-liberal policies of successive Conservative and New Labour governments. The study establishes a phenomenological methodology for exploring the world view of senior professionals engaged in the process of managing a specialist secondary school in England.

Devastating Impact of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on Health and Education
2007 0-7734-5426-8
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a group of Southern University at New Orleans administrators, faculty and staff provided counseling for the children at Sophie B. Wright Middle School. Many of these children and their families could not evacuate for the hurricane and endured the horror at the Superdome and the local, state and national neglect. This book tells their stories. Gathering together leading experts to examine the lessons that Hurricane Katrina teaches us about better assessing, perceiving, and managing risks as well as dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster, this book provides insight into the effects of such disasters on the daily lives of the individuals who live through them.

Developing Future Leaders in Namibia’s Independence Struggle: Higher Education’s Role in the Making of a New State
2015 1-4955-0323-2
This unique multidisciplinary case study targets the importance of higher education in facilitating and helping to produce social capital that empowered the people of Namibia to expand the necessary set of civic and political responsibilities to individuals chosen by church leaders to promote a new and transformed society in a once apartheid-like developing country.

Developing the Whole Child - The Importance of the Emotional, Social, Moral, and Spiritual in Early Years Education and Care
2004 0-7734-6166-3
The critical importance of the early years is now recognized and it is widely acknowledged that early learning and experience remain crucial to all later development. A limited amount of publications are beginning to address the emotional and social domain. However, there are few if any publications which address the important areas of moral and spiritual growth. This book addresses the emotional, social, moral and spiritual progress of the young child. One of the vital aspects of this book is its proposal to optimize the progress of these areas within the context of the whole child. Its use of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as its structural base to outline the needs of children provides a very useful framework for the reader to fully comprehend just what is involved. Though written by an Irish author the book tackles developmental areas and indeed philosophical questions which are important all over the world. The book shows that at present we are not doing the best for our children and the negative repercussions of this are being felt in homes, schools, communities and in societies worldwide. The author suggests that the best possible opportunities and experiences must be provided for children in those vital early years so that children have happy and fulfilling experiences. The book puts the onus on the reader to start making changes immediately. If we ignore this book’s contents we do so at our peril. Thus this book makes a very valuable contribution to scholarship and one that can not be ignored.

Development of Primary, Secondary, and Teacher Education in England: A History of the College of Teachers
2012 0-7734-2659-0
This book outlines the emergence of teacher standards in England which were enacted to raise the quality of primary and secondary education. The College of Teachers in London is a prestigious institution known for pedagogy and training teachers. Willis shows how the college developed into a leading force in the field by giving out diplomas in the mid-19th century. This was something no other teachers colleges were doing at that time. It ushered in a new era in education of raised standards. The quality of schooling throughout the country was elevated by this policy, which other colleges eventually adopted, but only after a long fight with the state to make certifications mandatory throughout the country.

Development of Roy Simmonds as a Steinbeck Scholar as Evidenced Through His Letters: The Life and Achievement of an Independent Academic
2010 0-7734-3745-6
This book is the first study on the respected Steinbeck scholar Roy Simmonds. It examines the rise of an unknown, unlettered boy to a giant in Steinbeck studies. Lynch gives an overview of Simmonds life interspersed with tributes from some of the most well-known scholars in the field.

Development of the PhD Degree in Britain, 1917-1959 and since: An Evolutionary and Statistical History in Higher Education
2009 0-7734-4827-6
This book examines the first half-century of the British PhD. The work begins with a study of the development of the new degree from the point of view of the decision-making bodies of the Universities - Senates, Faculty Boards, the teaching staff and the administrators. The second part provides detailed statistics and analysis on Faculties, Departments, overseas students, year of admission, gender, age, completion rates and duration of studies, part-time study and staff candidates, with more than 200 Tables and Figures.

Dialogic Approach to Reading and Teaching Ethnic American Texts
2006 0-7734-5728-3
This study addresses the influx of ethnic texts into the literary canon and provides a theoretical / pedagogical strategy for reading and teaching ethnic American texts based on the theoretical works of M.M. Bakhtin, particularly dialogism and literary polyphony. Because students are often rooted safely in their own cultures, they often do not have an opportunity to engage, experience, or appreciate texts of other cultures. As a result of this inexperience, students exhibit a resistance or inability to engage in meaningful dialogue with these texts, and the result is that these texts are often read through the ethnocentric assumptions (linguistic and otherwise) of the reader’s own culture rather than the cultural context(s) to which the text belongs. This study demonstrates reading strategies designed to help readers acknowledge the polyphony in American ethnic minority texts and recognize how the characters’ and narrators’ representations of self and the self’s relationship to its environment reside in this polyphony. The first part of the book explains the major principles behind dialogism, provides a definition of terms and demonstrates an application of these principles to specific ethnic American texts taught in an introductory literature course. Each chapter in this section includes a comparative, recursive analysis of works discussed in previous chapters to foreground the differences and similarities in their representations of multivocality. The last section provides a pedagogical application of these principles to a required diversity literature course at the university level.

Educating Millennials Born Between 1980 and 1994: The Chief Problems in Teaching This Age Group
2013 0-7734-4532-3
This conceptual and practical blue-print was designed for formal and informal leaders in the secondary education system to help transform the secondary schoolhouse into a true culture for learning. The book shares the stories of educators who have approached the transforming of systems and structures to support teaching and learning and the lessons learned. The reader will be encouraged that real educational reform is possible.

Education and Empowerment Among Dalit (untouchable) Women in India
2004 0-7734-6407-7
This book explores the problems of how caste and gender issues are related to the education and empowerment of rural Dalit women in India. The key focus is on the presentation of Dalit female voices regarding their educational experiences. Specifically, this study explores the nature and role of education and its relationship to empowerment among thirty-three poor, rural Dalit women and girls who volunteered to become involved with an explicit women’s empowerment project, the Mahila Samakhya program in Karnataka (MSK) during the years 1994 to 1995. This book will be of interest to practitioners in the fields of development: sociology, cultural studies and education; caste, gender, post-modern and subaltern academics and students, the general public and policy makers in India; Dalits and Dalit women in particular.

Education of the British Literati. A Guide to Their Schools, Colleges, and Universities
1993 0-7734-9232-1
This will serve as a useful and convenient catalogue of major and minor prose writers, poets, and dramatists of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, arranged (with the dates of their births and deaths) under the schools that they attended -- public grammar school, village school, national school, college, and/or university. In addition, the volume includes a category for those writers who never attended educational institutions, but received their learning at home, by private tutors, parents, or through their own devices. The work presents brief notes on the historical backgrounds of those educational institutions with which readers may not be readily familiar. A prefatory essay provides a concise introduction to the educational system in the United Kingdom, as well as a list of terms necessary to understanding that system. Finally, the reader will find indices to the writers and to the schools.

Education Work of Richard Lovell Edgeworth, Irish Educator and Inventor, 1744-1817
2003 0-7734-6841-2

Educational and Evangelical Missions of Mary Emilie Holmes (1859-1906) Not to Seem, But to Be.
1994 0-7734-9095-7
Mary Emilie Holmes's contributions to American education are examined, beginning with her own accomplishments, particularly with her identification as the first woman to have earned the doctorate in the earth sciences. The study then follows her scholarly efforts in geology and the pedagogy of earth sciences, her attempts to educate freed Blacks in Tennessee and Arkansas, the founding of a two-year seminary (now a coeducational junior college) for Black women in Mississippi, and the educational and social work on behalf of the Presbyterian Church. Reconstructed from Holmes's publications, church record books, minutes of meetings of church organizations, newspaper accounts, and secondary sources, the story of Holmes's life also provides insight into a specific type of late 19th-century American woman -- scholar, teacher, administrator who refused to float aimlessly amid the clouds of unattempted dreams.

Educational Reform in Egyptian Primary Schools Since the 1990s: A Study of the Political Values and Behavior of Sixth Grade Students
2010 0-7734-3708-8
This study analyzes the degree to which the authoritarian political system in Egypt is able implement a democratic educational system at the primary education level, which can work as a catalyst in a multifaceted democratization process.

Educational Reform in Republican China: The Failure of Educators to Create a Modern Nation
2005 0-7734-5952-9
This study examines the history of modern education in Republican China and analyzes its interaction with China’s traditional educational heritage. In the first decade of the 20th century, the Chinese government introduced a new, national system of education, hoping that doing so would produce for China the human resources it needed to save itself from foreign encroachment. The new structure, however, was designed in accordance to foreign models that were hardly suited to conditions in China, and it had to compete with a strong indigenous educational tradition that was intimately associated with important features of Chinese social structure.

Ultimately, when evaluated in the reformers’ own hopes and expectations the new schools were a failure. Often referred to as the “foreign eight-legged essay,” they contributed to the destruction of a system of schooling that had helped to integrate traditional Chinese society by providing, at minimum, an avenue for upward mobility that most people considered fair and an introduction to an intellectual and literary heritage that all Chinese could claim as their own. Meanwhile, they introduced both a new set of values that many people considered alien, and a new set of neither institutions that produced the skilled manpower that the reformers sought nor the channel for upward mobility that elite aspirants wanted. By reforming the schools, instead of saving China, the reformers contributed to the disintegration for which the Republican Period is aptly remembered.

Efficacy of the Scientific Research Associates Corrective Reading Program for Students with Reading Disabilities
2014 0-7734-4260-X
The purpose of this quantitative study was to determine the extent to which implementation of the Scientific Research Associates Reading Program (SRA) with students attending grades 4 through 6 with reading disabilities improves the scores of this student population on the Standardized Test for the Assessment of Reading (STAR). The research questions were formulated with a focus on on the manner in which implementation of the SRA program as supplemental intervention compares with traditional reading programs void of such intervention.

Elementary Music Education, Informal Learning, and the “new” Sociology of Childhood
2015 1-4955-0321-6
This work offers a potential paradigm shift in primary music education. The children in this study emerge not as passive recipients of an adult selected childhood musical culture but as active agents, producing, constructing and reproducing their own unique childhood musical cultures alongside their teacher/facilitator. This view places the child in an active role in the creation and reproduction of their childhood. There are no studies we know of that investigate this mode of music learning from this particular sociological perspective.

Essays in Aesthetic Education
1991 0-7734-9900-8
Conceived in the tradition of expansive discourse on the arts, this collection speaks to the situation of the arts in Western, and specifically, American, culture. The book's main purpose is to explain and, in part, remedy the anomalous position of the arts in our culture and consequently, in our educational system. Examines the relationship between art and ideology, epistemology, and education; wrestles with the problem of morality and art, and discusses new ways to approach the arts in education. Incorporates close readings of Plato, Coleridge, Dewey, and Read on the arts.

Ethnography of an Anthropology Department. An Academic Village
2002 0-7734-7123-5

Evaluation of School Partnership Policy in Botswana. A Qualitative Approach to Six Case Studies
1998 0-7734-8281-4
This book is the result is the result of a research project on the evaluation of Community Junior Secondary School Partnership Policy in Botswana. The methodology employed was mainly qualitative, notably field work, participant observation and in-depth interviews. Since research in this area is dominated by quantitative approaches, this volume makes an important addition to scholarship.

Foundations of Special Education Leadership
2006 0-7734-5792-5
This work focuses on the foundations of special education and details the history of the field. The work describes how special education became law and how it has impacted education in today’s academic world. It describes the placement of students, the rights of parents, the writing of the Individual Education Plan (IEP) and the process of learning and how it takes place. This work also describes in detail the laws that govern special education and how these laws impact teachers, parents, administrators, and students who receive services. The book describes the types of services available to students with special needs.

This book describes in detail the laws that regulate special education and how these laws came to be. It provides the reader with an understanding of the influence parents had in the development of these laws and it gives a careful review of what these laws mean to today’s educational leader. This book would be an important starting point for anyone who is unfamiliar with the governance of special education and the implications for running a school.

This work describes and defines educational leadership as it relates to special education. It discusses the characteristics of good leaders in the field while enumerating on school quality. It provides an overview of how special education is governed and how different constituencies are responsible for ensuring that federal law is followed. From the school principal to the director of special education, this book includes the steps that are necessary for quality leadership in the field.

Additionally, the book traces some historical aspects of leadership and relates these aspects to modern educational thought. The theory of effective leadership is covered as are current trends and characteristics that make effective leaders. It also discusses those characteristics that make for effective leadership in special education. The work includes a discussion of how modern educational leaders can be successful when working with a diverse population of students.

Geography as a Tool for Developing the Mind: A Theory of Place-Making
2010 0-7734-1315-4
This study proposes that geographic theory can provide an explanation of how self-reflective consciousness is the basis of the relationship among self, society, and nature. It then applies this principles to how the social is constituted.

German Education of Christian Scholar Philip Schaff: The Formative Years, 1819 - 1844
2004 0-7734-6428-X
The focus of this study is Philip Schaff (1819-1893), whose life spans two continents. Born in Switzerland and educated at German universities, as an immigrant scholar he had a distinguished American career as church historian, biblical scholar, apologist of Christianity, and fervent advocate of the reunion of the Christian churches.

This book offers for the first time a scholarly exploration of Philip Schaff’s German years of education, for, as the book demonstrates, only a thorough understanding of Schaff’s formative years will enable us to do full justice to his distinguished American career. His German education largely shaped his American career.

With its broad compass and with its focus on outstanding personalities and theological positions in nineteenth-century German Protestantism, this study therefore contributes to the ongoing scholarly discussion both of a significant figure in nineteenth century American Christianity and of German Protestantism in the nineteenth century’s first half, as it contributes to the important field of immigration studies. An extensive bibliography of relevant German literature is another contribution to scholarship by this book.

Girls' Reform School of Iowa, 1865-1899
1997 0-7734-8669-0
When the Girls Reform School of Iowa opened, it became the first school of its kind (state funded and operated) west of the Mississippi River, and only the second such school in North America. This volume deals with the first years of the school's existence, using primary sources such as school records and journals.

Global Analysis of Education in the 21st Century: What Kind of Schools Do We Need Today?
2015 1-4955-0357-7
This book analyzes the quality, challenges and prospects of 21st Century education worldwide. It is aimed at encouraging educators around the world to take a closer look at the current situation of global education with regard to where we are headed as a human global family.

History of a Catholic Girls’ Day and Boarding School, 1865-1970. The Religious and Educational Achievement of the Loretto Sisters
2011 0-7734-3861-0
This study revises the existing body of historical research by examining the critical role of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s (IBVM) in the process of establishing convent schooling in Hamilton, Canada West, in 1865. Without the diligent work of women religious, and in particular that of the Loretto Sisters, the history of higher education of Hamilton girls in the late-nineteenth and early twentieth-centuries would have been markedly different. This work adds to our understanding of nineteenth and twentieth-century education by examining the experiences of those students and teachers who participated in the day-to-day life of Loretto Hamilton.

History of Education in Cameroon, 1844-2004
2007 0-7734-5422-4
This book focuses on the process of and the underlying motivation/philosophy for the provision of schools and the expansion of education in Cameroon. It offers an examination of the role of missionary agencies, successive colonial and national governments and private agencies (confessional and lay) in the establishment of schools within the context of social, economic, cultural and political obligations. Cameroon, like many African nations, can trace the origin of its formal education to evangelization and imperialism, both of which have greatly influenced the development, structure and content of its educational system. This book traces the evolution, expansion and changing provisions of this system through the various stages of the country’s history, addressing policy issues, national developmental perspectives, and international constraints.

History of the University College of Fort Hare, South Africa - The 1950s the Waiting Years
2001 0-7734-7398-X
In 1916, under missionary auspices, the South African Native College was established, the first college instituted for higher education of the Blacks in Southern Africa. In 1951 it was affiliated with Rhodes University and renamed The University College of Fort Hare. By that time it had acquired an enviable reputation. Among its graduates are many who today hold high office in and outside South Africa, Nelson Mandela being the most distinguished. In 1948, the Afrikaner Nationalist Government was elected. It was committed to the implementation of apartheid, including the creation of separate educational facilities, and in 1960 the University College of Fort Hare was taken over by that Government, as a college for Xhosa students only. It became one of four ethnic colleges, while admission to the White “open” universities was severely curtailed. This book examines how staff and students opposed the legislation to place the college under government control and reduce its staff to civil servants. The affairs of the college are discussed against the background of rapidly changing conditions in South Africa, with campus disturbances and protests sometimes linked to the wider application of apartheid.

How Corporate Business Practices are Transforming Education: Case Studies of Five Canadian Secondary Schools
2010 0-7734-3895-5
This work examines the nature of corporate involvement in schooling. It analyzes the extent and effects of corporate involvement in schooling and identifies processes by which businesses and educational transactions occur.

How Cultural Differences Shape the Reception of Knowledge
2007 0-7734-5714-3
This book, written to help teachers, is a psychology of knowledge and the learning process in children aged between 4 to 18 years. It deals with problems in the classroom such as: differences in the degree of social preparedness; different assumptions about work, space and time; and variations in intellectual learning levels. The book's goal is to help teachers identify, analyze, test and teach with these issues in mind.

How Do High School Students Make the Transition to University? Factors Contributing to Success or Failure
2010 0-7734-1318-9
This qualitative study provides a framework for planning institutional change and considering present institutional practices by examining the challenges and rewards experienced by first-year students in regard to adapting to the academic and social culture of a large commuter university.

How Globalization Affects the Teaching of English
2006 0-7734-5627-9
In this timely collection, an international group of linguists, literary scholars and cultural historians addresses crucial issues facing educators in the field of English today. What is the value of the discipline? Which skills can we impart to students? How can we better use our field’s resources? For the authors and editors, interdisciplinarity helps to answer these questions, but only when approached self-critically and applied with methodological rigor. Joined by that shared concern, these essays – ranging from Shakespearean drama to South African fiction, from cultural materialism to stylistics – run the gamut of academic discourses and methodologies, offering practical suggestions for a process of rejuvenating English Studies.

How Human Service Providers Can Collaborate to Improve Education: A Case Study of the Saskatchewan Schoolplus Project
2009 0-7734-4798-9
This study was designed to explore the meaning of interprofessional collaboration for human service providers from five sectors including teachers and administrators who work across sectors with families and schools. Lawson’s (2003) taxonomy provided a framework to interpret how participants understood their experiences. Three levels of participants emerged: frontline workers, middle managers and policy makers. Four challenges are presented that outline ways interprofessional partnerships might further oppress marginalized communities. The complementary nature of anti-oppressive thinking and interprofessional partnerships emerges suggesting that informed and shaped by critical theory and anti-oppressive thinking, interprofessional partnersips in a SchoolPLUS Context has the potential to become a powerful force for transformative change.

How Reading Literature Helps Students to Integrate Their School Curriculum
2008 0-7734-5279-6
This study examines and offers examples of the implementation of interdisciplinary teaching and the integration of curriculum. Such integrated approaches promise a more relevant curriculum and more meaningful learning. This book is concerned with early secondary education and proposes that literature can serve as the center for such curriculum integration.

How Sociopaths Destroy Good Teachers: The Invisible Threat to Education
2015 1-4955-0417-4
This book is an important piece of work to challenge the culture of bullying in schools and universities. It analyzes the presence of sociopathic individuals, their desire to bring psychological harm to others and an effective early warning system to alert those who will encounter this kind of destructive personality in the work place.

How to Spot the Sociopaths on Your Faculty: A Guidebook for School Administrators
2015 1-4955-0379-8
This book examines bullying in academia. It focuses on the abuse of teachers above and beyond the normal interpersonal conflicts that occur in the workplace. It exposes those workplace individuals who operate with serious personality disorders and who orchestrate deliberate and pointed attacks against other teaching professionals targeting their victim for academic removal.

How Universities and Corporations Handicap People From Middle and Low-Income Families in Gaining Access to Executive, Political, and High Income Positions: The Exclusionary Games
2016 1-4955-0412-3
This book demonstrates that there has developed in America a number of systems that make it difficult for people from middle and low-income families to move ahead socioeconomically. It recommends that when considering students for admission, colleges that are selective should use the likelihood of graduation as their standard for admission.

How We Speak Shapes How We Learn: A Linguistic and Psychological Theory of Education
2009 0-7734-4758-X
This book examines language not as an instrument or a device to conduct daily transactions but as a mode of living and being. Each chapter addresses some of the major educational and pedagogical issues and deconstructs their implicitly embedded assumptions.

Impact of Religious Factors on Educational Change in Iran: Islam in Policy and Islam in Practice
2008 0-7734-5231-1
This book attempts to make sociological sense of the implications of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 for education in Iran in terms of ideological influences. Adapting Max Weber’s interpretive approach, it focuses on changing patterns of shared meanings and social relations in schools in one area of North West Iran.

Improving the Selection and Performance of School Principals: Using Theatre as a Professional Development Tool
2009 0-7734-4756-3
This study demonstrates how theatre as representation is a successful teaching and learning tool for field educators in the area of educational administration. This book contains five black and white photographs.

Investigation of the Relationship Between Social Studies Teachers’ Beliefs and Practice
2001 0-7734-7486-2
This study provides greater understanding of the role of teacher beliefs in guiding or influencing classroom practice. It also provides researchers and educators with a framework for identifying those components that comprise a teacher’s belief system. It provides administrators, teacher educators and others engaged in classroom observation with an instrument for evaluating teacher practice in a more holistic manner than traditional methods. In addition this study provides a model for naturalistic inquiry which may be utilized with further teacher beliefs investigations, as well as other classroom based, ethnographic studies.

Issues in the History of Education in Manitoba. From the Construction of the Common School to the Politics of Voices
1993 0-7734-9330-1
These essays examine a variety of themes: the public construction of the Common School; the building of pedagogical spaces for the working classes and ethnic minorities such as Mennonites and Ukrainians; the establishment of teacher education and teacher's organizations; and case studies of native education.

Language Practices in School Mathematics
2002 0-7734-6967-2
With a view to contributing to understanding the nature and role of language in mathematics education, this book examines spoken language practices. The book demonstrates that learning mathematics is very much a matter of learning to speak ‘properly.’ There is a pervasive and continual requirement, often hidden in everyday classroom practices, to shift towards increasingly mathematical language. The outcomes of the research reported here affirm the value of viewing language and mathematics learning from a social semiotic perspective and help further our understandings about the construction of a social semiotic theory of classroom education, both in school mathematics and across the curriculum.

Learning Technology in Continuing Professional Development
2006 0-7734-5525-6
This book, being a case study of the Galileo Network, a Canadian organization that exists to promote innovative teaching and learning practices among K-12 students and educators, contributes to current scholarship in such areas as continuous professional development, children’s learning with technology and educational reform. First, the study documents an innovative approach to continuous professional development that puts teachers in control of their own learning and leads to transformed practice as teachers develop innovative pedagogical approaches. Second, the study provides evidence that students in schools can participate in meaningful inquiry with the aid of technology and that teachers who are engaged in further learning themselves are better able to engage the hearts, minds and spirits of their pupils. Third, the study documents the work of the organization, which focuses on improving and increasing opportunities for children to inquire with technology by considering two problems: first, how to leverage the successful examples of children’s and teachers’ inquiry with technology throughout educational systems and communities and, second, how to build upon knowledge of the essential conditions for children’s meaningful learning with technology to guide larger and more widespread educational reform efforts, the conditions of such reform being defined and considered.

Learning to Read in China Sociolinguistic Perspectives on the Acquisition of Literacy
1999 0-7734-7961-9
This book presents policies in language and education, and implementation in specific settings. It describes the historical background that lead to the development of these policies, and presents the institutional context of the schools where reading is taught. Based on a study conducted over four years, involving daily observation in two different elementary schools and one kindergarten in Nanjing, China, this study describes the literacy acquisition process for Chinese children today. This study is recommended for Chinese language teachers, English as a second language instructors, linguists, students of comparative education, and sociologists.

Life and Thought of Marjorie Reeves (1905-2003), Advocate for Humanist Scholarship and Opponent of Utilitarian University Education: An Edition of Her Unpublished Memoirs with an Introduction by Anthony Sheppard
2011 0-7734-1551-3
This work is an edition of the memoirs of the late Dr. Marjorie Reeves, a distinguished scholar of the twentieth century. Reeves combined outstanding achievements in medieval studies with major contributions to educational thinking and policy making in Britain.

Limitations of Survey Research Methods in Assessing the Problem of Minority Student Retention in Higher Education the Focus-Group Method as One Alternative
1992 0-7734-9830-3
Drawing from recent surveys and studies, this study posits that survey research approaches are quite limited for investigating the problem of minority student retention in higher education. Because survey research emphasizes standardized procedures, experimental control, quantitative measures and statistical analysis, the role of language has been ignored. This calls for alternative approaches embodying the view that interview is a form of discourse. The contrast between this view and mainstream survey interviewing is used to develop a framework for systematic exposition of the alternatives. One such approach is the focus-group method, a variation of the depth interview.

Linguistic Approach to the Application and Teaching of the English Alphabet
2003 0-7734-6663-0
The book approaches the nature of the alphabet and its teaching as a universal concept as well as a language-specific one. With focus on the teaching of the English alphabet, the book calls for a departure from the traditional phonics approach simply because of its failure to objectively and accurately handle the alphabet as a linguistic system and an important tool of oracy and literacy. The alternative approach recommended here scrutinizes the nature of the alphabet and comes up with four different linguistic identities: phoneme, grapheme, nomeneme, and sequeme. Each is objectively reexamined and redefined so as to identify where and how each identity should be recognized and applied. This radical distinction implies the institution of different methodologies and strategies to teach them.

Methodological Issues in Religious Studies
2012 0-7734-2606-X
This book elucidates the conceptual or theoretical issues in religious studies by means of utilizing the tools of philosophical analysis. The academic discipline of religious studies is rich in conceptual systems that derive from ethnography, history, psychology, sociology and media studies. In line with other fields of research in cultural studies, religious studies adopt various theoretical resources in eclectic ways, and by the same token, imports various numerous conceptual issues from these adjacent fields. In addition to the rich conceptual systems within religious studies, the discipline investigates conceptual systems, cultural meaning systems that postulate supernatural entities. Whether the study object is religious behaviour or religious belief, sacred texts or buildings, the ultimate research object is the conceptual system that is conveyed or expressed by the material data. Thus there are concepts and conceptual systems at both sides: at the side of religious studies, and at the side of religious culture (cultural knowledge, behaviour and artefacts). The investigation of conceptual issues in religious studies has therefore either theoretical (or philosophical) and empirical relevance.

This book provides a philosophy of religious studies that is anchored in the intentional systems theory, on one hand, and in scientific realism, on the other hand. It will be of interest to those working in religious or cultural studies and have an interest in the philosophy of science. The book will also provide interesting case studies for philosophers of science, especially those interested in humanities and social research.

Methods, Practices, and Strategies for Teaching Students From Refugee Backgrounds: The Case of Prince Edward Island (Canada)
2014 0-7734-4477-7
The challenges for educators in their work with refugee learners are numerous, yet the realistic and specific support needed to help them is often haphazard, if any exists at all. This book provides educators with an invaluable tool to help them improve the education and integration of refugee students into society.

New Methods of Statistical Analysis of Historical Texts Vol. 2. Applications to Chronology
1999 0-7734-3134-9
The author, one of the most outstanding contemporary mathematicians, concentrates on the development of a new mathematical chronology of ancient history. Noting the contradictions and gaps of the accepted traditional chronology of ancient and medieval worlds, applying the modern mathematical methods to the analysis of historical data, the author formulates a new version of ancient chronology which is most dramatically different from the traditional one.

One-hundred year History of the Phelps-Stokes Fund as a Family Philanthropy, 1911-2011
2012 0-7734-3925-0
A historical examination of the Phelps-Stokes Fund and its impact on education.

Oral Histories and Analyses of Nontraditional Women Students. A Study of Unconventional Strengths
2000 0-7734-7759-4

Oral Histories of Three Secondary School Students in Tanzania
1987 0-88946-179-1
Records the life histories of three of the author's African students during her tenure as director of an education program in Africa. The collection, translated from the Swahili by the author, allows Tanzanian youth to speak for themselves and provides fascinating, vivid glimpses into their home and school life.

Pan-African Education. The Last Stages of Educational Development in Africa
1989 0-88946-186-4
Contends that African educational institutions, especially those designed for the achievement and maintenance of African unity, will not fail. Describes and explains the perpetuation of the concept of African unity through education.

Pedagogical Techniques and Methods of Flutist William Montgomery
2006 0-7734-5785-2
This book presents the teaching philosophies, pedagogical approaches, techniques, and methods of flutist William Montgomery. His concept of flute tone production, his philosophy of other aspects of flute playing, and his innovative approach to technical exercise have been documented for use by future generations of flutists. Many of the techniques and ideas he has developed reflect the pedagogical influence of his teachers, Marcel Moyse and William Kincaid. Montgomery, however, has developed his own approach to technical exercises, and frequently employs special or alternate and sensitive fingerings in his pedagogy.

Presenting the philosophies and methods of Marcel Moyse and William Kincaid demonstrates the continuities and establishes the innovations of William Montgomery’s pedagogy. Examining the methods for teaching tone production and vibrato, articulation, finger technique, musical expression and interpretation of both Moyse and Kincaid establishes a foundation from which to compare Montgomery’s methods and philosophies.

Performance-Based Evaluation for Certicated and Non-Certificated School Personnel: Standards, Criteria, Indicators, Models
2001 0-7734-7392-0
Based on the common standards established by the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) this monograph will provide both beginning and practicing administrators with models of performance-based evaluations.

Perspectives and Challenges in the Development of Sudanese Studies
1993 0-7734-9333-6
The collection of papers in this volume identifies the areas of strength in Sudanese studies both in the Sudan and in Germany, and points to the direction future research should take in order to fill gaps in our knowledge, especially with regard to the origin of Nubian languages. More importantly, the book tackles some of the problems facing Sudan: its financial relations with the World Bank; the difficulties with its regional development projects; the questions of drought, famine and refugees; and the problem of Sudanese identity, more specifically how the search for a Sudanese identity impinges on the north-south conflict, and the extent to which the historical experiences of the Sudanese people have complicated this conflict.

Preparation, Collaboration and Emphasis on the Family in School Counseling for the New Millennium
2000 0-7734-7847-7

Profession of Teaching Literature: A Professor Reflects on the Pedagogical Goals
2013 0-7734-4540-4
After a first comprehensive revision of the meaning of professionalism in literary studies today, both at universities and in other places where literature is being taught, written and reviewed, I deal with particular problems that are affecting literary studies today. I look at how they are developed in academic curriculum, how they are being studied and taught in all levels of education, how they copy with the primacy of other core disciplines, and what are its possible futures in the humanities. Main topics include, trends of the literature teacher’s professionalism, the way he or she drills literary taste, the question of standards in literary studies and how they affects professionalism and teaching methods, the place for literary history and the inseparability of language and literature teaching. The true role of the teacher of literature today will be discussed in several ways. I will assume that he or she involves an anti-essentialist method of teaching, opens to a kind of canon formation that is flexible and adjustable to the public’s interest, understands the literary traditions relating to other forms of knowledge such as natural law, and uses the power of literary reading against external resistance to the benefits and usefulness of literature.

Professional Development of College Teachers. A Study of the Québec Master Teacher Program
2010 0-7734-3785-2
This study is unique, both in terms of its methodological contributions and its representation of the evolution in teacher perspectives. It underscores the fact that fundamental changes to the quality of teaching in higher education are unlikely to occur unless teachers’ perspectives are first uncovered and examined. This work will appeal to educators, faculty developers and administrators in higher education.

Promoting Professionalism in Exercise Physiology: Vision, Challenges and Opportunities
2015 1-4955-0295-3
A new visionary study to help academics recognize exercise physiology as a legitimate healthcare profession. This work explores the concept that the quality of the scientific training necessary to achieve the prescribed exercise medicine, that promotes healthier lifestyles, is as relevant to society as is nursing or physical therapy. It offers a break from past ways of thinking about exercise physiology and introduces ways to implement the steps necessary to standardize it’s professionalization in order to help it become a nationally recognized healthcare profession.

Public Knowledge and Christian Education
1988 0-88946-477-4
Discusses the results of "importing" and then attempting to "christianize" the content of secular education in its available form of discourse ("public knowledge"), especially with regard to the sciences. Addresses the need for Christian educators to be conscious of the sources of the content of their curricula.

Pupil Teachers and Their Professional Training in Pupil-Teacher Centres in England and Wales, 1870-1914
2002 0-7734-6910-9
Based on new detailed archive and documentary analysis and upon the results of an extensive national survey, this study recovers the phenomenon of the late 19th- and early 20th-century pupil-teacher centre from neglect or misrepresentation. Traditionally, the decline of pupil-teaching and the corresponding rise of an exclusively college-based system has been celebrated as a progressive move. This study contends that this straightforward dichotomous picture is misleading. A fundamental re-evaluation of the later phase of the pupil-teacher era, when preparation was largely given in specialized pupil-teacher centres, helps rectify this distortion.

Regional Study of Yorkshire Schools 1500-1820
1998 0-7734-8250-4
This study offers a regional study of education, comparing educational movements in Yorkshire with what happened in other parts of England. It promotes a comparative approach, examining main themes such as the effects of the Reformation, the growth of the grammar schools, the attempts of both church and State to regulate schools and schoolmasters, the dissemination of elementary schooling and the development of private schools for both boys and girls. The sense of collective action in the Yorkshire area is strong, continuous, and remarkable, throwing light on the history of the county in general. The development of the theme of community action is an important contribution to historical scholarship.

Responsibility of Parents for the Education of Their Children
2006 0-7734-5810-7
This book utilizes Foucault’s thinking about the practice of government to analyze how the parent is made responsible for educating the child in the name of freedom. It maps the rationality of freedom as a formula for power to govern the conduct of parents by fabricating the responsible parent that makes deviant ‘others’ as those who act outside the limits of certain prescribed actions.

Central to the work is an examination of the School Education Act 1999 (Western Australia) and associated contemporary material, analyzed to map the limits of freedom which specify certain actions to be undertaken by the parent in educating the child. This is prefaced by a historical account of different discourses on childhood as the will to truth that justify these limits by constraining other dangerous discourses in the present.

The book reveals how legislating as a practice of liberal government simultaneously accommodates two different discursive formations of freedom (positive and negative), thus producing a governmentality of fears and dreams about freedom. Such governmentality divides the community through the on-going production of ‘irresponsible others’ for the political purpose of inciting autonomous parents to constitute themselves as responsible.

Rhetoric and Reality of Mass Education in Mao’s China
2000 0-7734-7638-5
This text compiles exhaustive, newly acquired evidence from multiple sources and evaluates its reliability in order to draw a picture of education as experienced by the people, benefiting from direct observations by contemporaries and participants, triangulating national with provincial data, and enriched by qualitative historical material. A strength of this work lies in its ability to move through a variety of conceptual frameworks including international development theory, rational choice theory, Chinese politics and history, educational reproduction and organizational theory. The text draws out the relationship between ideology, policy, implementation, socio-economic incentives, and the demand for education among the people. The differences experienced by rural versus urban populations and under the radical-egalitarian and moderate labor resources policies are highlighted. After decades of struggle around ideology, structures, intellectuals and the content of education, some years to the point of violence, overall literacy among the masses increased only a little. These findings point to the necessity to question official claims for mass basic education in Mao’s China, and to review the role of culture and socio-economic context in international development education.

Role of Father Like Care in the Education of Young Black Males
2010 0-7734-3771-1
This qualitative study analyzes African American males’ perceptions of the tutor-tutee caring relationship within in home, one-on-one tutoring. The participants were seven African American males who currently attend this type of tutoring.

Role of Knowledge and Culture in Child Care in Africa: A Sociological Study of Several Ethnic Groups in Kenya and Uganda
2012 0-7734-1583-1
This book examines early childhood development (ECD) in Africa. The authors study the positive and negative cultural practices of ethnic groups in Kenya and Uganda and their influence on ECD. While emphasizing the positive, the authors argue that negative local practices such as female genital mutilation, child marriage, and child labor must be challenged because they may violate human rights and are detrimental to the well-being of children. Significantly, the authors conclude that while the forces of globalization have begun to transform education and have led to cultural dissociation in Africa, positive ECD strategies must strengthen rather than supplant the natural and local realities for children.

School Desegregation in the Twenty-First Century. The Focus Must Change
1997 0-7734-8725-5
This in-depth empirical examination of city versus metropolitan school desegregation is a significant addition to the literature on school desegregation policy. Chapter headings and topics include: The Supreme Court and School Desegregation Since 1896; Segregation and Poverty; Residential Segregation; Assessing the Status of School Desegregation (in-depth analysis of Indiana schools, political culture, electorate); City and Metropolitan School Desegregation (in four cities, two metropolitan areas, Jefferson County Public Schools); School Desegregation in the Hub; Racial Balance, Enrollment Patterns, Population Trends in the Boston Public Schools; A Metropolitan Remedy for Desegregating America's Public Schools; Notes and Bibliography.

School-University Partnerships for Educational Change in Rural South Africa: Particular Challenges and Practical Cases
2011 0-7734-1398-7
Partnerships for Hope: School-University Collaborations for Educational Change in Rural South Africa explores the importance of improving teacher preparation, especially for those who will be teaching in rural areas since this can also be an entry point for supporting teachers, learners, and the community as a whole. In Essence, teacher preparation for working in rural areas can be regarded as a development path in and of itself a hopeful one that invests in young people who choose teaching as a career.

The book draws together a series of chapters by new and leading scholars working in the area of rurality and teacher education.

Schooling of Japanese American Children at Relocation Centers During World War II. Miss Mabel Jamison and Her Teaching of Art at Rohwer, Arkansas
2005 0-7734-6149-3
The general story of education of Japanese Americans imprisoned in camps in this country during World War II has long been known. Little has been written, however, about the individual teachers who agreed to live and work with the students in the camps during the period of incarceration. The story of “Miss Jamison” and the education program in the prison camps at Rohwer and Jerome in Arkansas provides a fresh new view of a Caucasian teacher who came to work with a “strange” group of students, but who was herself educated in the process. Through evidence from Jamison’s papers, contemporary documents, historical accounts, interviews with survivors and even from the students’ art work Miss Jamison preserved, Ziegler creates a perceptive account of the wartime ordeal of the more than 110,000 Japanese Americans, two-thirds of them American citizens, from a unique point of view. This book is a moving and significant expansion of our knowledge of the human dimensions of a wartime tragedy.

Search for Legitimate Social Development Education and Practice Models for Africa
1995 0-7734-8887-1
These essays explore the issue of inappropriate indigenised social work education and practice models for Africa. It highlights this difficult and complex undertaking by discussing issues and processes related to social work theory, practice and education within the socio-cultural and economic contexts. They cover issues related to social work and social development, indigenisation of social work practice, education, poverty alleviation, social welfare policy, and mental health.

Selected Sermons for Christian Students on Campus
1993 0-7734-9247-X
This book is the first to contain 15 sermons chosen specifically for students. The list of contributers includes the former Archbishop of Canterbury, the Archbishop of York, the former Moderator of the Free Church, and the Bishops of Liverpool. It will appeal to young people, clergy, and to the general public.

Social Theory for Music Education: Symbolic Interactionism in Music Learning and Teaching
2015 1-4955-0302-X
This book employs the lens of interactionism to explore and explain the field of music education as an empowering area of professional pursuit. Personal vignettes, stories by others, and relevant scholarly literature from several fields are used to demonstrate how awareness of the symbolizing power behind communicative acts of teaching, learning, performing, writing, conducting research (or doing all of the above) can turn interactions that may be perceived as communicative barriers into opportunities for pro-active discourse.

Socio- Ethnographic Study of the Academic Professionalization of Anthropologists
2005 0-7734-6238-4
This book is a study in the sociology of knowledge. Specifically, a study of how anthropologists over the previous forty years have constructed anthropological knowledge. Interpretation of this material takes place within the discourses of the anthropology of knowledge and education.

Anthropologists say that ways of thinking about anthropological knowledge conflict at the theoretical level but do not conflict in practice. Practice is defined as fieldwork and teaching. here, theory is felt only indirectly. Various tensions follow from this understanding. They include those between subject and object, positivism and post-positivism, value and validity, field and archive, and cultural relativism versus scientific knowledge.

The concept which mediates these tensions is that of the field. Fieldwork is seen by anthropologists as an experience with both epistemological and ethical implications. Ethically, the field supports a certain manner of living and outlook on humanity. Yet, epistemologically, the field is divisive because it is cast as the promotional agent for various kinds of method, theory, and reflective analyses. These analyses include a belief in value relativism in concert with a scientific notion of validity. For example, if it were not for the fundamental tools of positivism in anthropology, anthropologists felt that anthropological knowledge might be seen as idiosyncratic. In their search for human knowledge, anthropologists are united by their methods and ethics. They are divided, however, by their theories. These divisions and unities are inherited in the culture of anthropology. Although anthropologists understand different cultures’ values to be equal, they suggest that ways of knowing another culture through anthropology are not equally valid.

Theoretical conflicts are also produced in institutions. These are seen as major influences on the ‘look’ of anthropology at various times and places. Departments, publishers, students and teachers are all influences on anthropological knowledge construction.

Anthropological knowledge is also seen as being constructed at a personal level. Anthropologists felt that the concept of vocation in the individual’s life-narrative as an anthropologist is important to this construction. Anthropology is seen as a calling or assignation. As well, the purpose of anthropological knowledge is seen as an ethical precept. The sanctity of field experiences for these anthropologists brings them together ethically but divides them epistemologically.

Sociological Study of Women’s Educational Networks in India: Changing Lives From the Ground Up
2009 0-7734-4740-7
The analysis of educational networks from a feminist perspective has not been substantially researched internationally. This study investigates the potential for networking as a leadership tool for change in not only classrooms, but also in school systems and the political arena.

Sociopathy: The Explanation of Teacher Abuse
2016 1-4955-0313-5

Struggle for Control of Education in Zambia
2006 0-7734-5834-4
This book investigates the crucial role that education played in the construction and subsequent life of the Republic of Zambia, formerly Northern Rhodesia. The social structure is examined from the perspective of subaltern theory and the educational structure from the theoretical perspective of Foucault’s Discourse and Discipline. The importance of combining these two theoretical aspects arises from the particular situation of the territory between 1924, when the Colonial Office took over from the British South Africa Company and 1964 when Zambian Independence was declared. By 1924 there were already four clearly defined groups within the territory, the Colonial Officials, the Miners, traders and farmers, the Missionaries and the Africans. Each of these categories of people had their own view of how the territory should be developed. Each believed that education was the instrument they could use to achieve their aims and the book shows in details the efforts they made to do so. A detailed study of the education provided at both Discourse (Policy) and Discipline (schools and curriculum) levels shows however that none of the participants took into account the inherent logic of an educational system. The efforts made to manipulate the system has led to results that none of the parties envisaged and has left the Zambian people with major problems at social, political and educational levels.

Student Satisfaction with Higher Education During the 1970s - A Decade of Social Change
2003 0-7734-6689-4
This study investigates student satisfaction with postsecondary education in the 1970s by using a wide range of individual and organizational characteristics obtained from the National Longitudinal Study of the High School Class of 1972. The results favor a conceptualization of student satisfaction as a product of both collegiate institutional forces linked to wider societal definitions of the outcomes of higher education, and organizational processes that enhance access to social an structural support of the student role. The former is inspired by institutionalist theory, the latter by organizational inequality perspectives. These two approaches are integrated into a model to examine student satisfaction along the social dimensions of race, class, and gender. Student satisfaction is fundamental to a better understanding of educational process and quality as it relates to groups traditionally underrepresented in higher education. It may also be a critical mediating variable between students’ entering characteristics (i.e., race, class, and gender) and academic achievement and degree attainment. Also, accountability pressures from state legislatures on postsecondary education have placed increasing importance on the enrollment, retention, and satisfaction of minority students. Within this context, student ratings of their educational experience contribute to a better understanding and assessment of the outcomes of higher education. Finally, satisfaction is an important component of organizational analysis.

Studies in the Economic History of Kenya: Land, Water, Railways, Education and Entrepreneurship
2010 0-7734-3907-2
This book examines the economic history of Kenya from the colonial period to the present, integrating historical methodologies with those of anthropology, economics, education, geography, history, political science and sociology. the book covers topics that have been ignored by previous texts on economic history of Kenya, such as women, indigenous people (Ogiek), pastoralism, irrigation agriculture, livestock, fisheries, religion, community-based organizations (CBOs), NGOs, education and information and communication technology (ICT).

Supervisory Management and Its Link to the Human Resources Function
2001 0-7734-7484-6
This study demonstrates that over and above the increasingly complex and difficult tasks that supervisory management staff have to deal with, they also have to act as ‘mini personnel managers’ in their own right. The study focuses on the basic functions and related techniques as well as human relations for effective supervision. It also discusses the supervisor’s role as leader, communicator, motivator, trainer, and administrator. It delineates future perspectives of the changing environment facing supervisors, and strategies for supervisory success. The study includes practical examples, blending conceptual, functional, and human relations insights and skills.

Teaching Children with Aids
2000 0-7734-7823-X
This study examines changes in pre-service teachers’ knowledge, attitudes, and educational intent to implement HIV/AIDS classroom curriculum and universal precautions after participating in HIV/AIDS in-service training. Valuable pre-service teacher training information was obtained as questionnaire responses were recorded prior to and as a result of an in-service program for pre-service student teachers at a U. S. – Mexico border university.

Teaching Latino Students
2005 0-7734-6001-2
This book is a compilation of topics dealing with a myriad of multicultural issues facing educators and other members of society. The book addresses the importance of relative knowledge in dealing with cultural diversity in an ever-changing global society. In this unique edition, the editors purport to enlighten educators and others regarding the complexity of multiculturalism, dealing with education issues with various groups, and examining pathways toward empowerment and acculturation. There is a plethora of information on the subject of multiculturalism. However, there is a void, or dearth, of empirical research in many aspects of this currently discussed topic. This work is composed of a number of scholarly research studies conducted by the authors/editors. The broad range of well-developed and thoroughly investigated treatises should provide a strong foundation for future researchers of this growing societal phenomenon.

Teaching Mathematics Through Choral Responses: A Study of Two Sixth Grade Classrooms in China
2010 0-7734-3628-6
This microethnographic study finds that student choral response (CR) is a recurrent and dominant student participation structure in the two six-grade mathematics classrooms in China. By applying a three-level cultural model (teacher’s cultural beliefs in mathematics teaching and learning, mathematics curriculum culture in China, and classroom culture) in analyzing data from interviews with the teachers, this work demonstrates how the various cultural factors work together to make Choral Response a culturally favored classroom discourse pattern.

Teaching the Bible as a Cross Cultural Classic in a Middle-Eastern Society
2005 0-7734-6111-6
This book will be of vital interest to all those concerned with the Contemporary Middle East, Pahlavi Iran, cross-cultural education, the education of women (especially in a third world context), as well as teaching English language and literature to those for whom English is a second language. As a visiting professor at Damavand College, Tehran, Iran, the author taught a 75 semester hour course on the English Bible as a “global classic” in the World Literatures major at that college for women. In seven chapters, he describes the country, the college, and outlines the challenges and opportunities of communicating a “religious classic” cross-culturally to students, who were predominately Shiite Muslims, and doing so while respecting the “dignity of difference.” Naturally, this is of interest to those who teach the English Bible in both public and private institutions, but it also reflects deeply on the nature of “Literature” and how it may be interpreted.

Teaching the Shoah in the Twenty-First Century - Topics and Topographies
2004 0-7734-6403-4
This book is a collection of essays arising from the international conference The Legacy of the Holocaust: Teaching the Shoah that was held at the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 1999. Hundreds of scholars and educators gathered for five days of seminars, workshops and academic sessions each of which addressed specific topics and pedagogies for teaching the Shoah. The essays selected for inclusion in this book represent the thoroughly developed views that a group of scholars/ educators advanced at the conference. Their contributions address major concerns of educators and scholars already established in the field, as well as those of individuals just venturing into the arena. Each essay explores a distinctive Shoah related topic, or proposes an innovative pedagogical approach for effectively presenting the Holocaust to students. This book would be of interest to any person engaged in the study of or research into the Holocaust, or for educators seeking innovative and proven classroom methods for teaching the subject.

There are two portions to this work: topics and topographies. The Topics section will afford close readings of a variety of Holocaust related subjects, many not commonly taught. The topics cross traditional disciplines and extend a complexity of issues arising from purely traditional considerations of the Shoah (i.e. historical, literary or cultural). Topographies introduce specific methodologies that educators have developed for teaching the Holocaust. Instead of dwelling on “tried and true” canonical practices, these contributors advance genuinely resourceful methods for presenting standard Holocaust texts. Contributions in both categories provide suggested reading and viewing lists, which for educators involved in the field, for students investigating the topic, or interested lay readers will prove invaluable.

Theoretical Perspectives on Comprehensive Education: The Way Forward
2009 0-7734-4901-9
This work adds to the scholarship in the field by exploring educational processes in the broadest manner and from a variety of disciplinary orientations. At its core is the challenge it issues: what sort of research should one conduct if s/he believes the commonly held idea that education is a broader process that it is made to be when one takes schooling as a paradigmatic institution of education?

Trends in Special Education
2007 0-7734-5569-8
A variety of developments in technology, assessment, psychology, curriculum innovation, teaching strategies, and state and federal laws have relevance for special education and have been projected to provide and predict the development of special education in the next decade.

The present status of special education is rapidly experiencing significant changes, chiefly due to state and federal laws, breakthroughs in learning styles, assessment, treatment, identification, computer technology, and learning theories are to but name a few areas that are projected to be changed by 2015.

This book provides information based upon present trends in special education and makes predictions for the future. It will be useful to special education personnel in the private and public sectors, teachers, administrators, counselors, and school psychologists working with exceptional children.

U. S. Foreign Language Deficit and Our Economic and National Security: A Bibliographic Essay on the U. S. Language Paradox
2013 0-7734-4545-5
How has the American deficiency in foreign language study affected foreign policy, diplomacy, the economy, and most of all national security. This book showcases how the use of a second language can be helpful in political and economic circumstances. Various policy initiatives are analyzed to discuss their efficiency in bringing languages to American citizens. A recent study found that only 25% of Americans are fluent in a foreign language. Stein-Smith argues that once you remove the first generation immigrant population from those numbers you are left with an extremely negligible number of citizens who can functionally speak a foreign language. This is problematic for many social, political, and economic reasons. In a globalizing world America needs to be competitive by teaching foreign languages to its populace.

Une Étude Comparative De L’Éducation Inclusive Des Enfants Avec Besoins Particuliers En France Et En Allemagne: Recherches Dans Onze Salles De Classe
2011 0-7734-1531-9
This book examines the social and educational experiences of children identified as having special educational needs. The study compares research carried out in Germany and France. In French.

Using Photographs to Learn a Second Language: A New Approach for TESOL
2015 1-4955-0423-9
“Wood offers an interesting, innovative, if not slightly unconventional, methodology for language teaching [he] presents and studies a new approach he calls Photo Communication in which the second language classroom rejects traditional textbooks and instead relies upon the student’s own personal history as revealed by photos. The students’ photos then become both the material and the method for language study.”
-Dr. Carolyn Gascoigne,
University of Nebraska, Omaha

What Books by African American Women Were Acquired by American Academic Libraries. A Study of Institutional Legitimation, Exclusion, and Implicit Censorship
2009 0-7734-3792-4
This study examines the publication, review and collection of fiction and poetry titles written by African-American women, published between 1980-1990 by Association of Research Libraries member academic libraries located in the United States. It is an examination of institutionalized legitimizing social forces and their influence on the collection and sanctioning of knowledge as expressed through academic library collections.

What Students Learned in Gym Class
2010 0-7734-3744-9
This book explores how personal experiences in mandatory K-12 physical education classes affect adult health and exercise habits. It offers a platform of understanding into the diverse experiences of gym class and how these experiences can produce repercussions throughout life.

What Students Really Think of Professors. An Analysis of Classroom Evaluation Forms at an American University
1997 0-7734-8610-0
This volume assembled thousands of anonymous comments offered by university students in course evaluations (1990-1995) into a lively text wrapped around and through 455 direct quotes. Some are wry, some pungent, some earnest. All are directly stated, and each conveys an important element of how today's university students view life in the classroom. Administrators and government officials can find here the piece missing from the current debates over university reform - what students want and need. Includes appropriate humorous cartoons.

Why Do African American Males Drop Out of High School? Thirteen Case Studies
2015 1-4955-0288-0
This research was an opportunity to explore the personal stories of a group of young African American males that may be seen as an indication of the conditions that have affected our larger society. It deconstructs the common myth that drop outs are the trouble makers or low achievers in school and it inspires us to reconsider and challenges our present teaching approach to this demographic group.

Why Do Students Drop Out of High School? Narrative Studies and Social Critiques
2008 0-7734-5161-7
This study will address the international, national and local issues and solutions pertaining to early school leaving and youth disengagement from school. The various contributors examine the impacts of social class, ethnicity, gender and sexuality on the issue of school leaving. The study also reviews past policy in addressing the problem of youth disengagement from school and offers recommendations for reform.

Working-Class Students at Radcliffe College, 1940-1970: The Intersection of Gender, Social Class, and Historical Context
2008 0-7734-5098-X
This book explores the experiences of working-class students in higher education at Radcliffe College during the years 1940-1970. More specifically, this work examines how the mid-point of the twentieth century’s changing social, political, institutional, and economic forces influenced the undergraduate and alumnae satisfaction levels and post-graduate career paths of working-class students.