Sotiriou, Peter Elias Books

Dr. Sotiriou is a Professor of English at Los Angeles City College. He received his Ph.D. in English (Rhetoric, Linguistics, and Literature) from the University of Southern California.

Pedagogical Implications of Hans-Georg Gadamer’s Hermeneutics
2012 0-7734-2577-2
My work extends the studies of Hans-Georg Gadamer’s Hermeneutics, focusing exhaustively on Truth and Method as the source for articulating a hermeneutic pedagogy. My study also thoroughly defines reading and writing pedagogy as a necessary discipline in the human sciences, identifying the topics that lend themselves to pedagogical study. As a study aligning phenomenology to the teaching literature and composition, my work introduces a thorough-going philosophical dimension to these studies and provides a necessary ground for them as disciplines. This philosophical ground is rarely found in reading and writing scholarship. I hope that my work will encourage compositionists and scholars in the teaching of literature to apply phenomenology or other philosophical positions to the study of reading and writing and to pedagogically examine their classroom practices.