Subject Area: Sports Studies

 Edgerton, Robert B.
2006 0-7734-5914-6 252 pages
Winner of the Adele Mellen Prize for Contribution to Scholarship

This book begins with chapters devoted to baseball’s much-disputed beginnings and baseball in North America. There are also individual chapters devoted to baseball in Asia, Latin and South America, Australia and countries “down under,” Europe, Africa, and nearly every country imaginable. Along with names of individuals who brought baseball to these sometimes far-away regions, the author nonetheless interjects items related to baseball that will be new or pleasingly familiar to the most ardent fan. Although geared to a select audience, nearly all baseball fans will find something about America’s pastime – now grown to global proportions – to hold their interest and to provoke discussion.

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 Foley, Keith
1998 0-7734-8266-0 452 pages
The idiom of cricket can seem incomprehensible to the uninitiated. This dictionary, containing some 3,530 headwords and sense divisions, seeks to present a comprehensive picture of the language of cricket in the hope that the arcane will be rendered accessible to the newcomer and that even those well-versed in cricket lore may find something of interest. Includes terms of art, informal and slang designations, clichés and metaphors used by players and commentators to describe what happens on the field of play. Entries are arranged in alphabetical order. Phrases are recorded under the headword thought likely to be turned to first and are cross-referenced from other significant words. 6,530 examples of usage are provided.

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An English Translation of the Texts of the Takenouchi School of Japanese Classical Martial Arts: An Historical, Pedagogical, and Philosophical Study
 Antis, Andrew
2013 0-7734-2633-7 744 pages
Modern forms of grappling and wrestling martial arts in Japan can trace their historical and philosophical roots back to the Takenouchi School. Antis argues that there is a body of evidence that proves this point, and he expands upon previous work by translating rare historical scrolls, poetry, and other documents. Modern martial arts have spiritual connections to this particular school, and it is presented as a physical and curricular manifestation of philosophical and religious traditions that extend throughout Asian history. The author provides an exhaustive reference guide based on an accumulation of primary sources dealing with this influential Japanese school.

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An Essay on Humanity to Animals (1798)
 Young, Thomas
2001 0-7734-7442-0 152 pages
“It is hard to imagine any other editor who could situate Young’s book so clearly in the thought, culture and politics of his day, and perceive so many links with previous ethical thought and the subsequent developments that were to occur over the next two centuries. The combination of Young and Preece reminds us that the relationship of humans to other species is one of our most persistent moral problems, one which we revisit century after century, and, fortunately, one which has consistently attracted thoughtful and compassionate commentators.” – David Fraser “Thomas Young’s Essay on Humanity to Animals, along with Rod Preece’s Introduction and Notes, will be a valuable addition to the Mellen Animal Rights Library. The Essay’s historical importance is equaled, if not surpassed, by its analytical merits. . . . In his footnotes, he cites the leading modern proponents of various positions along the scale of animal rights. All of this information will be very useful to those seeking an overview of the territory. . . his exposition of Young’s argument is helpful, perceptive, and eminently clear. . . Dr. Preece has done a terrific job of editing the text. Those who are exploring the issue of human relations with nonhuman animals will appreciate having Young’s Essay readily available. They will also appreciate the intelligence of Dr. Preece’s additions and the leads he provides for further investigation.” – Marian Scholtmeijer

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An Interdisciplinary Study of Sport as a Symbolic Hunt a Theory of the Origin and Nature of Sport Based on Paleolithic Hunting
 Carroll, Douglas M.
2000 0-7734-7685-7 336 pages
The interdisciplinary approach uses historical analysis supplemented with anthropological and education research in developing the theory of sport based on Paleolithic hunting. This theory explains the origin of proto-sport based upon recreational hunting, practicing component hunting skills and training the young for subsistence hunting. Primary sources include ancient sculptures, coins and sport equipment, government documents, and portions of televised sportscasts. Figures include graphs that depict the types of hunting, the evolution of sportive contests and the historical development of major sports. With many color illustrations.

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Basic Issues in Sports Ethics: The Many Ways of Cheating
 Boone, Tommy
2009 0-7734-3909-9 292 pages
This book argues that cheating not only destroys the integrity of sports, it destroys the integrity of the athlete and everyone who either supports cheating or allows it to happen. Majors topics such as “athletics is over the edge,”“performance-enhancing substances,”“victory with honor,”“negative impact of marketers,” and “accountability” are discussed in reference to the “cheat pushers” who must not be allowed access to those who love athletics.

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Bibliography on Psychological Tests Used in Research and Practice in Sport and Exercise Psychology
 LeUnes, Arnold D.
2002 0-7734-7001-8 408 pages

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Chasse, Hockey et Baseball Dans Le Roman Québécois. Le Chasseur Comme Fondement Identitaire
 Lavoie, Carlo
2009 0-7734-4770-9 180 pages
This work examines the interplay between cultural memory and fiction through the exploration of the notion of territory within the sport discourses and three Québécois novels ( L’Élan d’Amérique, by Angré Langevin (1972); Le Coeur de la baleine bleue, by Jacques Poulin ([1970] 1987); and Louis Caron’s L’emmitouflé ([1977] 1991).

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Croquet and Its Influences on Victorian Society: The First Game that Men and Women Could Play Together Socially
 Scheuerle, William H.
2012 0-7734-4516-1 140 pages
The work argues that the ascendency of croquet as a popular sport in England during the middle to late nineteenth century was a direct result of class. He traces the history of the sport and finds that it was one of if not the first sport that men and women could enjoy together. The game initially had an elite social status attached to it: it was first seen as a game suitable for the British gentry, especially for those families whose estates had extensive lawns, or for families wealthy enough to join croquet clubs. It attracted many people because it had a certain ‘snob’ appeal and formed as an upper class leisure time activity, and developed with the middle class due to their rising number at that time.

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Cultural History of Association Football in Scotland, 1865-1902: Understanding Sports as a Way of Understanding Society
 Mcdowell, Matthew L
2013 0-7734-4525-0 456 pages
Soccer, or football as it is called in Europe, became professionalized in the late nineteenth century. This is the story of how the sport grew in popularity, and eventually became the predominant sport in Scotland. Beyond the mere Rangers versus Celtic rivalry that has risen to epic, almost mythological proportions, this book discusses the social impact of the sport on the entire country. It shows how Scotland became a modern society and its sports and entertainment evolved along with the rest of the country, and how soccer became a national pastime.

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Essays on Heroism in Sport in Ireland and France
 Stacey, Sarah Alyn
2002 0-7734-6919-2 220 pages
At the heart of the collection are the sporting links between Ireland and France, and the question of what constitutes sporting heroism. The approach adopted is innovative in its diversity: contributors include not only historians, but also literary critics, sporting administrators, a psychologist, and a prominent cyclist and sports writer, and each brings his or her orientation to bear on the subjects treated.

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