An Essay on Humanity to Animals (1798)

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“It is hard to imagine any other editor who could situate Young’s book so clearly in the thought, culture and politics of his day, and perceive so many links with previous ethical thought and the subsequent developments that were to occur over the next two centuries. The combination of Young and Preece reminds us that the relationship of humans to other species is one of our most persistent moral problems, one which we revisit century after century, and, fortunately, one which has consistently attracted thoughtful and compassionate commentators.” – David Fraser

“Thomas Young’s Essay on Humanity to Animals, along with Rod Preece’s Introduction and Notes, will be a valuable addition to the Mellen Animal Rights Library. The Essay’s historical importance is equaled, if not surpassed, by its analytical merits. . . . In his footnotes, he cites the leading modern proponents of various positions along the scale of animal rights. All of this information will be very useful to those seeking an overview of the territory. . . his exposition of Young’s argument is helpful, perceptive, and eminently clear. . . Dr. Preece has done a terrific job of editing the text. Those who are exploring the issue of human relations with nonhuman animals will appreciate having Young’s Essay readily available. They will also appreciate the intelligence of Dr. Preece’s additions and the leads he provides for further investigation.” – Marian Scholtmeijer

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword by David Fraser
Introduction; Notes to Introduction
An Essay on Humanity to Animals
‘Ode to Humanity’ by Rev. C. Hoyle
1. General Essay on Humanity and Cruelty to Animals
2. On Cruelty to Animals, in Sports peculiar to Children
3. On Cruelty to Animals, in Sports common to Men and Boys
4. On Hunting, Shooting, and Fishing, for Sport
5. On Cruelty to Horses
6. On Cruelty to Animals, with respect to the Article of Eating
7. Of Killing Bees, in order to take their Honey
8. Miscellaneous Cruelties to Animals
9. To those who have made some Progress in Humanity
Notes; Index