Subject Area: Ethiopia

Addis Ababa -The Evolution of an Urban African Cultural Landscape
 Reminick, Ronald A.
2010 0-7734-1387-1 340 pages
As a relatively new urban landscape, Addis Ababa possesses a rich cultural history that continues to develop today. Drawing on numerous first-person accounts of Addis Ababa from its inception to the present day, as well as the author's own field research, this work traces the development of the city from a military camp to the fastest-growing city in Africa. Careful attention is given to all elements of Addis Ababa, including its people, customs, geography, economy, psychology and its place in global culture. This book presents a holistic and diachronic view of the city and sets the stage for further analysis as the urbanization of Addis Ababa continues to evolve.

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Amharic and Ethiopic Onomastics - A Classic Ethiopian Legacy, Concept and Ingenuity
 Yemane, Elias
2004 0-7734-6308-9 310 pages
This book examines the history and development of names in pre-Christian and Christian Ethiopia as well as the syntax and meaning of Amharic and Ethiopic personal names. It demonstrates in detail the grammatical classification of each Amharic and Ethiopic personal name, and provides technical transliterations for each entry in both English and Amharic. This research also contains extensive lists of bibliography on Ethiopian studies, theology of names and African religions. This book will be of interest to Africans and African-Americans who desire to learn more about their ancient African heritage, and invaluable to scholars of Africana and Semitic Studies.

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Ethiopian Revolution of 1974 and the Exodus of Ethiopia's Trained Human Resources
 Metaferia, Getachew
1992 0-7734-9458-8 183 pages
Examines the factors that contributed to the exodus of trained Ethiopians to the U.S.; their conditions, their integration into American society; their adjustment and the utilization of their training and professional experience. Identifies the probable political and economic developments in Ethiopia that might attract Ethiopians who live and work in the U. S. This study addresses a general problem faced by almost all African countries.

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Evelyn Waugh in Ethiopia - The Story Behind Scoop
 Salwen, Michael B.
2001 0-7734-7368-8 328 pages
This book focuses on the writing of Evelyn Waugh, from a uniquely journalistic perspective, concentrating primarily on his classic Scoop. It focuses on his writings concerning the Italo-Ethiopian War (1935-36) while he was a correspondent for London’s Daily Mail. This study will be interest to scholars in journalism and mass communication, as well as literary scholars.

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Geerarsa Folksong as the Oromo National Literature a Study of Ethnography, Folklore, and Folklife in the Context of the Ethiopian Colonization of Oromia
 Tolesa, Addisu
1999 0-7734-8193-1 232 pages
A study of Geerarsa, a type of folksong of Ethiopia's Oromo people, who reside in Oromia and Ethiopia as well as in diaspora in the West. In exploring their verbal art it attempts to address the social base and political scope of Oromo folklore. It presents Geerarsa as an important part of the Oromo's values, attitudes, and history as they have struggled, and continue to struggle, against colonial oppression and win back their cultural and national identity.

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Life History of an Ethiopian Refugee (1944-1991) Sojourn in the Fourth World
 Teshale, Taddele Seyoum
1991 0-7734-9625-4 116 pages
A first-hand account of Taddele Teshale's life history and account of his flight from Ethiopia through the Sudan to Cairo, and eventually to the United States. Referring to the stateless and displaced people of the world as the "Fourth World" many aspects of refugee governance can be seen in the details of Taddele's interaction with the various sectors -- refugee bureaucracies, private voluntary asylums, and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, for example -- in the Sudan and Cairo.

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Non-Governmental Organizations in Ethiopia
 Telake, Daniel Sahleyesus
2005 0-7734-6088-8 336 pages
This study examines the relations between Southern and Northern Non-Governmental Development Organizations based on patterns that the author observed in Ethiopia. Southern, or as alternatively called in this study, Local NGOs (LNGOs) and Northern NGOs (NNGOs), mainly use the term ‘partnership’ to describe their mutual relation and it has become a fashionable term among the larger development community. The evidence at hand suggests that ‘partnership’ has been perceived by most, if not all, as a superior type of relationship, but its practice is widely questioned by the local NGOs. The relationship is structured in such a way that the Northern NGO is the one financing the LNGO and transfers trust, which the trustee (the LNGO) is expected to be deserving of it. However, the relationship is not only about finance. Ideas, approaches and better forms of practice are also part of the relationship. Building mutual trust between the two groups would require genuine commitment on both sides.

This study demonstrates the existence of different types of relationships between Northern and local NGOs in Ethiopia. From the perspective of LNGOs, these relationships range from very poor (donor-recipient type) to that of fairly satisfactory (close to partnership) along a continuum. Generally speaking, solidarity-based relationships resemble most closely the model of genuine partnerships with church-based relationships coming in as a good second variety. Paternalism or domination was more frequently suffered by small NGOs working with fluctuating partners. This work will interest those working in the field of international development.

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Proverbs and Sayings of the Oromo People of Ethiopia and Kenya with English Translations
 Cotter, George
1992 0-7734-9695-5 652 pages
A collection of 4,800 proverbs and sayings showing how God has revealed his wisdom in nature through these colorful, profound and witty expressions. This work is intended to help the Oromo people preserve and understand their cultural wisdom.

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Resilient Families of Ethiopia: Population Dynamics in a Society in Crisis
 Hogan, Dennis P.
2014 0-7734-0062-1 484 pages
An excellent scientific review of major medical, public health, and demographic peer-reviewed essays. Topical organization of chapters facilitates the identification of the papers of greatest substantive interest. The writing inspires both the scholar and the less technically-oriented reader to draw lessons on population demographics that will be an asset for those stakeholders and future policy-makers trying to increase human capital, promote social and economic development, and enhance family well-being in Ethiopia.

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Social History and Theoretical Analyses of the Economy of Ethiopia
 Teferra, Daniel
1990 0-88946-517-7 140 pages
Contributes to understanding the problems and issues of contemporary Ethiopia by presenting an evolutionary and historical dynamics of the socio-economic formation of Ethiopia, beginning with the Axumite period and extending to the post-revolutionary era.

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