Torah and Revelation

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In this book, distinguished Jewish scholars from throughout the world explore the concept of Torah and Revelation. This seminal work draws on biblical and rabbinic sources and charts a path for future exploration. Essays include: What is Jewish Theology? (Arthur Green); Revelation and Torah - A Phenomenological Approach (William E. Kaufman); Can there be a Written Torah? (Alan Unterman); Postcritical Scriptural Interpretation in Judaism (Peter Ochs); Revelation as Interpretation - Taming the Muse (Aharon M. Singer); Re-Presenting the Torah - Sifra's Rehabilitation of Taxonomic Logic and the Judaic Concept of How Through the Torah We Enter the Mind of God (Jacob Neusner); Revelation and Messianism - A Maimonidean Study (Menachem Kellner); Protology and Eschatology in the Jewish-Christian Dialogue (Peter S. Zaas); Le Dieu des personnes et la forme du corps humain (Henri Atlan); Torah and Law (Emanuel Rackman); Sinai, Law and Responsible Autonomy - Progressive Judaism and the Halakhic Tradition (Tony Bayfield).

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