Cohn-Sherbok, Daniel

About the author: Rabbi Dr. Dan Cohn-Sherbok has taught Jewish theology at the University of Kent (UK) since 1975. Educated at Williams College, ordained a rabbi at the Hebrew Union College, he received a doctorate in philosophy at the University of Cambridge. His other books include Torah and Revelation (Mellen, 1992), Rabbinic Perspectives on the New Testament (Mellen, 1993), and Divine Intervention and Miracles in Jewish Theology (Mellen, 1995), among others.

Divine Intervention and Miracles in Jewish Theology
1996 0-7734-9093-0
This volume, the third in the series Studies in Jewish Theology, begins with an overview of the topic of divine intervention and miracles by Leo Trepp and Eliezer Schweid, and continues with a discussion of the liturgical dimensions of miraculous events, the philosophical concept of miracles, the interrelation between time and creation, divine intervention and religious sensibility, and miracles understood within an Hasidic framework.

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Future of Jewish-Christian Dialogue
1999 0-7734-7923-6

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Jewish Petitionary Prayer a Theological Exploration
1989 0-88946-781-1
A study of what may be, from the theological point of view, the most interesting and perplexing type of prayer.

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Jews, Christians and Religious Pluralism
1999 0-7734-7920-1
This volume provides a survey of writers in the Jewish and Christian traditions, from biblical times to the present, who have sought to understand the relationship between their own faith and that of others. Throughout, readers are encouraged to engage in this debate by reflecting on the diverse views of nearly a hundred ancient, medieval and modern thinkers.

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Problems in Contemporary Jewish Theology
1992 0-7734-9645-9
This is a pioneering exploration of the nature of Jewish theology in the modern world. Containing contributions by some of the most distinguished Jewish theologians today, this volume examines a wide range of issues confronting Jewish theology, and charts a path for future investigation.

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Rabbinic Perspectives on the New Testament
1991 0-88946-689-0
Disposes of the incorrect view expressed by many Jewish apologists that there is no explicit Jewish doctrine of the afterlife; that Judaism is concerned with earthly existence only; and "warns us against useless speculation about the details of the afterlife." Explicates an elaborate doctrine of eternal punishment which is explicitly formulated and recorded in the Talmud and various Midrashim.

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1990 0-88946-719-6

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1997 0-7734-8690-9
The problem of the suffering of righteous has engaged biblical writers, the rabbis, medieval philosophers and kabbalists, and modern Jewish thinkers. This collection of essays explores the nature of this fundamental issue from biblical times to the present day. Throughout, the contributors seek to untangle the various threads of this perplexity and relate their findings to the solution of this seemingly intractable theological dilemma.

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Torah and Revelation
1992 0-7734-9165-1
In this book, distinguished Jewish scholars from throughout the world explore the concept of Torah and Revelation. This seminal work draws on biblical and rabbinic sources and charts a path for future exploration. Essays include: What is Jewish Theology? (Arthur Green); Revelation and Torah - A Phenomenological Approach (William E. Kaufman); Can there be a Written Torah? (Alan Unterman); Postcritical Scriptural Interpretation in Judaism (Peter Ochs); Revelation as Interpretation - Taming the Muse (Aharon M. Singer); Re-Presenting the Torah - Sifra's Rehabilitation of Taxonomic Logic and the Judaic Concept of How Through the Torah We Enter the Mind of God (Jacob Neusner); Revelation and Messianism - A Maimonidean Study (Menachem Kellner); Protology and Eschatology in the Jewish-Christian Dialogue (Peter S. Zaas); Le Dieu des personnes et la forme du corps humain (Henri Atlan); Torah and Law (Emanuel Rackman); Sinai, Law and Responsible Autonomy - Progressive Judaism and the Halakhic Tradition (Tony Bayfield).

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