Speak the Way You Write and Write the Way You Speak: A Guide to Effective Communication (Softcover)

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"This book examines how interpreting and translation act as a testing ground for speech and writing as communication between two people. Since the interpreter or translator acts as an intermediary, the negotiation of meaning carries more weight than the spoken or the written word. Above all, I hope to argue that when we clearly articulate a thought in speech, we are also capable to clearly articulate that same thought in writing."
From the Abstract

Table of Contents

Not Another Style Manual

Perceived Separation of Spoken Sentences vs. Written Sentences

The Sentence of Thought

A Disconnect Between Speech and Writing

Second Language Acquisition and Accuracy

Get in Writing

Mystery in Writing: A Return to the Basics without Mystery

The Problem is the Medium

This or That?

Gutted Sentences vs. Convoluted Sentences: We are all Moderates!

The Myth of "I Understand More Than I Can Speak [or Write]."

Be Careful with Field-Specific Jargon

Focus First on Communication Then on Grammatical Accuracy, not the Other Way Around

Say Things Out Loud While Reading and Writing

Unsuccessful Repetition

Myth: Once It is Put Down on Paper or the Screen, It is Done

Myth: Formulas for the Structure of Writing will make You Better Writers

Lack of Commitment in Speech has Infiltrated Written Communication

What is a Sentence?



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