Selected Interdisciplinary Essays on the Representation of the Don Juan Archetype in Myth and Culture

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These essays offer an interdisciplinary approach to the figure of Don Juan, exploring the developing and different responses to him over the centuries, also across genres and media. It addresses the key formulation of the character in 17th century Spain, traces his development through the opera up to and beyond Mozart, and, finally, surveys his destiny in the Modern Period of literature.


“This collection of expert studies ranges remarkably widely across the whole field, taking frequent soundings in depth. . . . Readers curious to know more about Don Juan as well as students of this fascinating figure will find much to reward them in this book.” – E. C. Riley

Table of Contents

Table of Contents (chapter headings):
Preface; Introduction
1. Sex, Lies, and Dinner with the Dead
2. Seduced by Appearances: 17th Century Sceptics, Libertines, and Tirso de Molina’s Don Juan
3. Don Juan on the Operatic Stage
4. Don Giovanni’s Also-Rans: Metamorphoses of Don Juan in the Opera House
5. Don Giovanni: The Transgressor Transgressed.
6. Towards a Melancholic Revel: Arthur Schnitzler’s Anatol as a Reworking of E. T. A. Hoffmann’s Idealistic Don Juan
7. Zorrilla’s Don Juan Tenorio as Cultural Paradigm
8. The Woman Who Took the Blame: The Don Juan Archetype and his Victims in Eça de Queiró’s Cousin Bazilio (O Primo Bazílio)
9. Dashing on the Silver Screen: Don Juan Tenorio (1922), dir. Ricardo Baños
10. Gonzalo Torrente Ballester’s Don Juan: A Novel Both Before and After its Time?
11. The ‘Rational’ Capitulation of the Libertine: The Trickster Tricked; or, Don Juan oder Die Liebe zur Geometrie by Max Frisch
12. ‘Tan largo me lo fiáis’: Saramago’s Ricardo Reis as a Don Juan Manqué
13. Hysteria: Female Desire Versus Male Rationality in Early Don Juan Works
Bibliography; Index

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