Antonio Ros De Olano’s Experiments in Post-Romantic Prose (1857-1884) between Romanticism and Modernism

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This study seeks to identify Ros de Olano’s specific innovations and departures from Romanticism through a detailed comparative study of his work and its precedents and contemporaries throughout Europe, with a view to later developments. It explores his literary engagement with the legacy of Transcendental Idealism and the autobiographical traditions. His privileging of incident and episode over more conventional narrative, his favoring of irreconcileability over resolution is explained and placed in a detailed context. In searching for alternatives to his literary problems, he makes a remarkable contribution to Spanish prose literature which will alter our perceptions of later innovations and their place in history.


“. . . deals with an undoubtedly important, but surprisingly under-studied, cultural figure, whose work also displays significant links with then-contemporary European writing; it is genuinely scholarly, and as such breaks much new ground, as to its research-base in both primary and secondary sources; it shows an admirable clarity of overall thrust and clarity in its detailed working-out.” – Eric Southworth

“Andrew Ginger opens up big discussions not only about Ros’s literature, but also about the literary era to which Ros belongs – if indeed one can rightly slot him within boundaries, but this is just the point. Ginger has the expertise to see as much and still bring to bear a solid critical apparatus for dealing with his writer. Hispanic studies would wait an awfully long time before seeing a treatment as good as this one. . . .one can no longer do serious work in nineteenth-century Spanish literature without taking Prof Ginger seriously into account, and the book would find its way necessarily into proper collections of Spanish literature. The text has been prepared with great care. The translations are representative of the original (difficult as that must have been). It reads easily and does not aim to be cryptic (almost in spite of the subject). It attends to any work (there has not been much) that has been done on Ros and departs from it without being repetitive in the least. I cannot imagine a finer job done.” – Lee Fontanella

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings)
Preface by Dr. Margaret A. Rees
Introduction – Antonio Ros de Olano: Soldier, Politician, and Writer
1. Terrible Lucidity: Doctor Lañuela [El doctor Lañuela] 1863
2. The Interwoven Branches of Illness: Doctor Lañuela
3. Return Journeys Written by an Apparition [Jornadas de retorno escritas por un aparecido] 1873
4. Leaping Memories [Saltos de la memoria] 1883-84
5. Bizarre Tales [Cuentos estrambóticos] 1857-68
6. Lesser Literary Prose Writings: Guerra de siete años; Legends of Africa/Guad-el-Jelú; (The Sweet River) – Tetuan (Tet-Tagüen)
Conclusion – Being Here
Date Line; Bibliography of Ros’s Post-1850 Literary Prose; Bibliography; Index

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