Ginger, Andrew

About the author: Dr. Andrew Ginger complete his doctoral thesis at the University of Oxford. H is currently Lecturer in Hispanic Studies at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Antonio Ros De Olano’s Experiments in Post-Romantic Prose (1857-1884) between Romanticism and Modernism
2000 0-7734-7609-1
This study seeks to identify Ros de Olano’s specific innovations and departures from Romanticism through a detailed comparative study of his work and its precedents and contemporaries throughout Europe, with a view to later developments. It explores his literary engagement with the legacy of Transcendental Idealism and the autobiographical traditions. His privileging of incident and episode over more conventional narrative, his favoring of irreconcileability over resolution is explained and placed in a detailed context. In searching for alternatives to his literary problems, he makes a remarkable contribution to Spanish prose literature which will alter our perceptions of later innovations and their place in history.

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Political Revolution and Literary Experiment in the Spanish Romantic Period (1830-1850)
1999 0-7734-7995-3
This book dismantles key misconceptions about the Spanish Romantic period, such as its supposed timidity and conservativism, or exceptional hostility to Victor Hugo. Instead, it stresses the strength of Liberal and Progressive ideas, and the presence of innovative literary writers. It does so through a parallel examination of political and literary thought. The study concludes with an analysis of important experimental works by Espronceda, Alvaraz, and Ros, and includes the first major account of the highly inventive poet and theorist of fragmentation, Ovejas.

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Selected Interdisciplinary Essays on the Representation of the Don Juan Archetype in Myth and Culture
2000 0-7734-7506-0
These essays offer an interdisciplinary approach to the figure of Don Juan, exploring the developing and different responses to him over the centuries, also across genres and media. It addresses the key formulation of the character in 17th century Spain, traces his development through the opera up to and beyond Mozart, and, finally, surveys his destiny in the Modern Period of literature.

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