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Shakespeare Yearbook Vol. 17
This yearbook volume presents 21 essays by international scholars, including 14 theme essays on Shakespeare and Asia. The theme essays deal with Shakespeare’s imagining of Asia and his images in Asian cultures, and especially his reception in China.


Shakespeare Yearbook contains scholarly essays on problems relating to Shakespeare, his time, and his impact on later periods. It gives particular prominence to studies dealing with comparative literary issues as well as interdisciplinary questions.

"notable not only for the currency of its topic but also for the range of its coverage. . . .This collection, edited by Lingui Yang, includes fifteen essays by accomplished scholars; it spans the continent in papers on theatre history, film, adaptation, pedagogy, translation, and the vision of Asia in Shakespeare's texts."
-Prof. Jill Levenson, Toronto University
Chair of the Executive Committee of the International Shakespeare Association

". . . an outstanding achievement! Blanketing an incredibly wide field of cross-continental interests. . .an exciting volume, one that will be of lasting interest to Shakespeareans from around the world. This book is a must for all college libraries!"
-Prof. James H. Lake, Louisiana State University-Shreveport
Editor of the New Kittredge Shakespeare

Table of Contents

Special Essay:
1. New Evidence on William Shakeshafte and Edmund Campion
Glyn Parry

Theme Essays: Shakespeare and Asia

2. Imagining the East: Shakespeare’s Asia
David Bevington

3. Alluding to Shakespeare in L'Appartement, The King is Alive, Wicker Park, A Time to Love, and University of Laughs: Digital Film, Asianization, and the Transnational Film Remake
Richard Burt

4. Shakespeare’s Cultural Capital Made in China: From Pre-modern to Post-modern
Lingui Yang

5. The “Hamlet Complex” in China, 1903-1936
Andrew Shoenbaum

6. Shakespeare in China, before the People’s Republic
Xianqiang Meng

7. Social Class and Class Struggle: Shakespeare in China in the 1950s and 1960s
Weimin Li

8. Locating Asian Shakespeares: An Aesthetics of Transculturation
Alexander C. Y. Huang

9. “Thou Orphans’ Father Art”: Shakespeare in Taiwanese and Yue Operas
Bi-qi Beatrice Lei

10. Appropriating Theories in the Name of Shakespeare: The Case of Doctoral and MA Theses on Shakespeare by Taiwan Students
Chin-jung Chiu

11. The Uses of Multimedia Resources and Performance History in Teaching and Producing Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night at NTNU
Alan Ying-nan Lin

12. Glossing Shakespeare in Chinese Translation: Liang Shiqiu, Zhu Shenghao, and ??? (The Tempest)
Timothy Billings

13. Translating Shakespeare across Language and Culture: A Chinese Perspective
Chong Zhang

14. A Chinese Map of Translation of Shakespeare’s Sonnets
Yimin Luo

15. Shakespeare and Class: Othello in Mainland Japan and Okinawa
Masae Suzuki General Essays

16. A Movable Feast: The Liturgical Symbolism and Design of The Tempest
Roger Strittmatter and Lynne Kositsky

17. Othello, Genre, and Performance: an Approach to Teaching the Play
Michael J. Collins

18. The Tragic Historie of Hamlet: Staging the Naughty Quarto
David Richman

19. Shakespeare’s Humanism: Hamlet, King Lear, and Sufism
Abdulla Al-Dabbagh

20. Shakespeare Supplemented
John Jowett

21. Looking for Shakespeare in Edward III
Marina Tarlinskaja

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