Evaluating Scholarly Research on Shakespeare. Critical Analyses of Forty Recent Books

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Shakespeare Yearbook Vol. 18
This volume brings together detailed reviews of forty scholarly books published between 2003 and 2008. The books reviewed cover a range of topics from Shakespeare in performance to textual criticism, as well as editions of Shakespeare’s and his contemporaries’ plays and poetry.


“[this book] is well suited to the need for meticulous comparison that is basic to any research on Shakespeare. Each
review represents an important direction in early modern studies”

Table of Contents

Jesse Lander. Inventing Polemic: Religion, Print and Literary Culture in Early Modern England
Alexandra Halasz

Brian Lockey. Law and Empire in English Renaissance Literature Edward Gieske

Loreen L. Giese. Courtships, Marriage Customs, and Shakespeare’s Comedies Michelle M. Dowd

Douglas A. Brooks, ed. Printing and Parenting in Early Modern England
Douglas Bruster

Brian Gibbons, ed. Measure for Measure, updated edition
Maurice Hunt

Juliet Dusinberre, ed. As You Like It
Robert Wilcher

Joseph L. Black, ed. The Martin Marprelate Tracts: A Modernized and Annotated Edition
Jonathan P. Lamb

Janette Dillon. The Cambridge Introduction to Early English Theatre
Jennifer A. Low

Michael Dobson, ed. Performing Shakespeare’s Tragedies Today: The Actor’s Perspective
Robert Cohen

Robert Smallwood, ed. Player’s of Shakespeare 5
Jeremy Lopez

Russell Jackson, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare on Film
Gregory M. Colón Semenza

Peter Holland, ed. Shakespeare, Memory and Performance
Katharine Goodland

Martin Blocksidge, ed. Shakespeare in Education
Maurice Hunt

G. Blakemore Evans, ed. The Sonnets
Rebecca Wiseman

William Percy. Mahomet and His Heaven: A critical edition
Abdul Sattar Jawad

Stuart Sillars. Painting Shakespeare: The Artist as Critic, 1720-1820
Linda Hopkins

Reiko Oya. Representing Shakespearean Tragedy: Garrick, the Kembles, and Kean
Jeffrey Kahan

Scott L. Newstok, ed. Kenneth Burke on Shakespeare
Edward Pechter

Zden?k St?íbrný. The Whilgig of Time: Essays on Shakespeare and Czechoslovakia
Marcela Kostihova

Julie Hankey. Shakespeare in Production: Othello
Kevin Crawford

Alan Hughes, ed. Titus Andronicus, Revised Edition
Lisa Hopkins

Andrew Gurr, ed. King Henry V. Updated Edition
March Richardson

David Bevington, ed. Antony and Cleopatra. Updated Edition
Robert A. Logan

Michael Davies. Hamlet
Yu Jin Ko

Marvin W. Hunt. Looking for Hamlet
Ann Thompson

Phillip Davis. Shakespeare Thinking
Julia Reinhard Lupton

Eric S. Mallin. Godless Shakespeare
David Ruiter

Douglas Bruster. To Be Or Not To Be
Marvin Hunt

Amy Scott-Douglass. Shakespeare Inside: The Bard Behind Bars
Laura Raidonis Bates

Benedict Robinson. Islam and Early Modern English Literature: The Politics of Romance from Spenser to Milton
Barbara Fuchs

Oliver Arnold. The Third Citizen: Shakespeare’s Theater and the Early Modern House of Commons
Jonathan Baldo

Tom Rutter. Work and Play on the Shakespearean Stage
Mary Polito

Catherine Grace Canino. Shakespeare and the Nobility: The Negotiation of Lineage
Brian Walsh

Warren Chernaik. The Cambridge Introduction to Shakespeare’s History Plays
Adam G. Hooks

Paula Blank. Shakespeare and the Mismeasure of Renaissance Man
Adam Max Cohen

Fiona McNeill. Poor Women in Shakespeare
Dana Lawrence

Michael Witmore. Pretty Creatures: Children and Fiction in the English Renaissance
Claire M. Busse

Tom MacFaul. Male Friendship in Shakespeare and his Contemporaries
Stephen Guy-Bray

Julie Hankey. Shakespeare in Production: Othello.
Kevin Crawford

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