Structure of Shakespeare's Sonnets

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This study discusses the meaning of the sonnets in the context of their whole sequence, a series of idylls revealing a grand scene, rather like an accumulation of musical variations on a larger theme. In addition to the analytical discussion of the structure of the sonnets, this book presents the 154 sonnets newly edited for the modern reader in tandem with the original printed version published by Thomas D in 1609. On the page facing each of the sonnets is a thorough analysis discussing it as a single poem and as part of the whole sequence.


". . . it is handy to have the original in this easy-to-read format; and . . . the modernized spelling and punctuation provide easy entrance to Shakespeare's words, while giving scholars a ready way of checking Wright's emendations. . . . The other strengths of the book lie in the introduction and the analyses of the individual sonnets. And those strengths have to do with Wright's clear and straightforward style and scholarship He avoids most critical jargon as he explains his position, so that his language does not exclude those who have not learned the current critical obfuscations." -- Albert J. Koinm

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