The History and Theology of Soka Gakkai: A Japanese New Religion

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A Japanese New Religion
The Soka Gakkai, with 10 million members, is a critically important force in Japan and remains the biggest of Japan's new religions. Metraux outlines the eschatological worldview of the Soka Gakkai and gives an analysis of its American branch.


"The major contribution of this book is a picture of Soka Gakkai as a rather `mature' or mellow religion grown older, both in membership and in institutional character. The religion is seen to have given up the rather aggressive proselytizing style and confrontational politics that made it notorious in Japan and among [Soka Gokkai] `bashers' in the West. Through this overview of a new religion come of age, Metraux has provided an important addition to previous studies of Soka Gakkai." _ The Journal of Asian Studies

"Professor Metraux presents an eschatological profile of the Soka Gakkai. He examines its world view through an analysis of its own historical development: its interpretation of the social views of its founder, Nichiren; the motivation for membership; and its activities in Japan and abroad." _ Theology Digest

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