An English Translation of Major General Karl Ernst Haushofer’s Geopolitics of the Pacific Ocean and Studies in the Relationship Between Geography and History

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"The original publication of Haushofer's Geopolitics of the Pacific Ocean had an immediate impact. Quickly translated and published in Japan and Russia it became an object of study.... A Russo-Japanese Convention was signed in 1925. ...Then cam the Tanaka Memorandum of 1927. Reportedly based on Haushofer's Geopolotics of the Pactific Ocean it provoked a split between the Imperial Army and Navy. ...Hiterler had comet to power in Germany in 1933. Espousing many of Haushofer's geopolitical theories, except alliance with communist Russia, the Nazis pushed Haushofer into prominence" -L.A. Tambs, "Preface"

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