Scotus vs. Ockham - A Medieval Dispute Over Universals. Texts Translated into English with Commentary (Volume 1)



“The translations of relevant sections of both with commentary in these volumes is intended not only to help undergraduate and graduate students of medieval philosophy who have little or no Latin, but also contribute to debate on ontology among contemporary philosophers, in an attempt to bridge the gap between the early fourteenth and late twentieth centuries. After useful introductory material the first volume consists of texts clearly set out and identified, prefaced by a formal structural analysis, while the second volume has a detailed commentary with bibliography and index. This works should prove most useful to the philosophical audience noted above.” – Theological Book Review

Table of Contents

Volume I: Texts
Foreword, Preface, Biographical Note, Introduction, Bibliographical Abbreviations
Scotus’s Theory of Distinctions
ScRP: Reportata Parisiensia I, dist. xxxiii, qu. 2 & 3 – sections 1 & 2
ScQF: Quaestio prima from Quaestiones miscellaneae de formalitatibus – section 3
ScOI2: Ordinatio I, dist. 2, pt. 2, qu. 1 – section r
ScL: Lectura I, dist. 2, pt. 2 qu, 1 – section 5
ScQM7.19: Questiones in librum Metaphysicorum VII, qu. 19 – section 6
ScOI8.3: Ordinatio I. dist. 8, pt. 1, qu. 3 – section 7
ScOI8.4: Ordinatio I. dist. 8, pt. 1, qu. 4 – section 8
SCQQ: Quaestiones quodlibetales, qu. 3 – section 9
Scotus’s Theory of Universals and Individuation
ScQM7.18: Questiones in librum Metaphysicorum VII, qu. 18 – section 10
ScOII: Ordinatio II . dist. 3, pt.1 qu. 1-6 – section 11
ScQM7.13: Questiones in librum Metaphysicorum VII, qu. 13 – section 12
Ockham’s Critique
OckOI: Ordinatio I, dist. 2, qu. 4-6 – section 13

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