Problems Facing China Today

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This book provides a comprehensive portrait of China at the dawn of the twenty-first century. The author surveys various issues including problems associated with the “One-Child Policy”, the condition of families and women, the rise of Christianity, areas facing ecological catastrophe, special economic zones, and growing splits and controversies in the Chinese Communist Party.


“Daniel A. Métraux, a highly trained Asian scholar with a strong background in Japanese studies, has written a marvelous book about China with the student in mind. Métraux writes in a clear and lucid manner with excellent in-depth analysis of the major areas of Chinese life at the inception of the twenty-first century. If you want an excellent primer on China today, this is the first book you should read.” - Wilton S. Dillon, Senior Scholar Emeritus, The Smithsonian Institute

“Daniel Métraux is uniquely qualified to present this fascinating look at one of the most important areas of the world today. He sees modern China, not only in its complex historical context, but also in terms of its emerging possibilities.” - Dr. Jeffrey L. Buller, Dean, Wilkes Honors College, Florida State University

“Dr. Métraux’s long experience and broad research in Asian Studies, as well as his hands-on experiences in the country, have uniquely situated him to create this essential introduction to China at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Anyone interested in China’s role in the contemporary world should read this book.” - Dr. Robert Grotjohn, Professor of English, Mary Baldwin College

Table of Contents

Foreword by Wilton S. Dillon
Preface by Daniel Métraux and James W. Yoxall
1 Introduction
2 Traditional and Modern History of China
3 China’s Expanding Economy
4 Poverty and Migrant Workers
5 China’s Quest for Energy
6 China’s Growing Environmental Crisis
7 Family, Society and Women
8 Education and Health
9 Religion
10 The Party and Government in China
11 The Question of Human Rights
12 The Question of Tibet
13 Hong Kong and Macau
14 Foreign Policy and Defense
15 China’s Future

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