Our Air/nuestro Aire Volume 1: Canticle/cántico

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This is a representative collection of the verse of Jorge Guillén by noted translator Carl Cobb. Guillén used a wide variety of poetic forms, including traditional forms with rhyme and assonance, blank and unrhymed verse, and free verse. In a time of poets generally lost in the hell-hole of consciousness, Guillén set out to create a positive world of normal living, using a positive and courageous voice. In choosing the poems for this massive two-volume work, Dr. Cobb first respected the poet's own mature choices by translating all the poems he chose for his own Mis Mejores poesiás, a limited selection of the 'best' of his poetry. He has also translated all of his poems which have become anthology pieces, as well as choosing representative selections from Canticle, Clamor and Homage. Finally, he has translated a generous number of his décimas (a form he made his), a number of sections of his "Clovers" (a form he invented), and many sonnets. The result is a definitive representation of one of Spain's great poets of the 2oth century.

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