Complete Latin Poetry of Walter Savage Landor Vol. II

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Brings together all the Latin poetry of Walter Savage Landor, who believed that Latin was the only language suitable for memorializing the great contemporary political struggles of his lifetime. He set himself up as the bard of anti-tyrannical revolutionary movements in Italy and elsewhere and published approximately 550 poems between 1795 and 1863. Many of these excellent poems reflect contemporary outlooks, prejudices, and sensibilities of English Romanticism to such a degree that they can legitimately be considered specimens of English Romantic poetry. Many of them offer fresh and illuminating insights about the poet's life and personally and constitute a treasure trove of valuable material that has been neglected by biographers, literary scholars, and critics. This edition presents all of his Latin poetry, together with critical introduction, facing English translations, and copious annotations.


"His edition of the Latin texts are with a critical apparatus. One sees variant readings or errors in earlier editions. his translations make the poems available to the monoglots. they are not only accurate but often elegant. the commentary is oncise and to the point. Readers with or without Latin will gratefully learn from it. . . . The book will soon become standard and indispensable." - William M. Calder III, William Abbott Oldfather Professor of Classics, Professor of Comparative Literature, Alexander von Humboldt Prizewinner

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