Eve in Three Traditions and Literatures - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

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This book revives the tradition of Eve in three traditions and literatures. The discussion of Islamic material is particularly valuable, since it examines the exchanges of ideas between early Islam and Judaism. It displays an amazing ability to uncover irony and sarcasm in ancient writings that have a profound implication for understanding ancient religion, and also examines contemporary references to Eve.


“…a work of the creative poetic imagination and of a Biblical scholar and linguist. Between a single set of covers you find a scholarly appreciation of Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions about Eve, the breadth of reading of the professor of comparative literature, and the poet’s interpretive response to those traditions. Caspi’s range of familiarity with European, American and Middle Eastern literature and religious philosophy is astounding. From Freud to Buber, spanning Haggadah and Hadith, traversing Bible, Quran and their centuries of Jewish and Islamic interpreters, this volume carries its reader to distant worlds and yet more remote ways of thought and legend.” – Robert W. Allison, Bates College

Table of Contents

Table of Contents (main headings):
Foreword; Prologue
1. Ornament of the World
2. I am the Wife and the Virgin
3. The Whore and the Wife
4. If Ever There Was a Beginning
Epilogue: Eve – The Unbearable Flaming Fire
Appendices; Bibliography; Index

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