Holy Scriptures as Justifications for War

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This study explores in literalism and inerrancy as the interpretive basis of some Jewish, Christian and Muslim justifications of acts of violence. In the end, an argument is made, on historical, scriptural, moral and theological grounds, rejecting Holy War as a perversion of God’s creation.


“If Professor Randall’s thesis in this study were to come to be widely recognized as true, the Holy books of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam could not be successfully used to justify violence.” - Dr. Royce P. Jones, Capps Professor of Humanities Emeritus, Illinois College

“Transcending the merely hortatory, this work’s particular virtues are the range and depth of it analysis. At its core, the work evinces an easy but sophisticated familiarity with Tanakh, New Testament, and the Qur’an, along with the appropriate interpretive scholarship, derived from years of studying and teaching comparative religion.” - Dr. Richard P. Gildrie, Professor of History, Department of History and Philosophy, Austin Peay State University

“Professor Randall’s is a voice of sanity amidst the current fundamentalist Christian and radical Muslim literalist arguments using their holy books to justify ‘holy war’ against each other.” - Dr. Anne M. Edwards, Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy and Religion, American Public University System

Table of Contents

Prologue: The Bible Game
Introduction: Let’s Play the Game - Which Books Is the Most Violent?
1 Holy Books Do Not Fall from the Sky
2 Literalism and Inerrancy - Forms of Idolatry
3 The Christian Bible - From Henotheism to Monotheism
4 The Qur’an - Holy War is a Sin
5 Having or Being - An Apology for Peace
Epilogue: A Devotion on Prayer and Love
Appendix A: First Page of Genesis, Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia
Appendix B: First Page of Mark, Novum Testamentum
Appendix C: List of Scriptural References

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