Arno C. Gaebelein, 1861-1945 Irenic Fundamentalist and Scholar

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A narrative biography that examines Gaebelein's important formative years, when, as an evangelist to the Jews, he developed deep concern for the Jewish people and was an early Zionist. Includes several portraits from the Gaebelein family album and three lengthy accounts of conversations with son Frank Gaebelein.


". . . a very personal and readable account . . . . worth purchasing for these accounts [with son Frank] alone. . . . Students interested in American Christianity and in the background of today's evangelical-fundamentalist movement will find this volume very helpful." - Grace Theological Journal

"Rausch's research is competent, and he puts together interesting summaries of Gaebelein's writings. The highlight of this volume is the lengthy transcript of interviews with Gaebelein's son Frank, a distinguished and articulate evangelical scholar." - Church History

"Gaebelein . . . has frequently been dismissed as a narrowminded antisemite. . . . This is a valuable corrective . . . ." - Religious Studies Review

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