Messianic Judaism Its History, Theology, and Polity

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". . . a fascinating account of Messianic Judaism in North America. . . . Everyone should know the facts that Rausch gives about persecution, misrepresentation, and defamation by both Jewish and Christian groups against Messianic Jews." - The Hebrew Christian

"The account of the emergence of the modern Hebrew Christian movement is very informative. The church's outreach to the Jews is sympathetically portrayed." - Eternity

". . . a well-researched study on the Messianic-Jewish congregations in the United States. . . . [A]s an integral part of the broader movement of Jewish believers, the Messianic-Jewish congregations are missiologically significant: in their attempt to explode the ancient walls erected by Jews and Christian toward one another, in their search for renewal of the Jewish roots of the body of Christ, and in their efforts to express biblical faith and messianic living in a contemporary Jewish dress. In this perspective Rausch's study has great value." - International Bulletin of Missionary Research

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