Zionism Within Early American Fundamentalism, 1878-1918 a Convergence of Two Traditions

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Notes that many modern authors contend that fundamentalists have been and are antisemitic, then provides evidence that this is inaccurate. Establishes that evangelical fundamentalists were among the early supporters of Zionism.


". . . an important corrective to many stereotypes. . . . Rausch tells a story too little known, one that shows how a particular 19th-century reading of Daniel and Revelation led some American conservative Protestants to be Zionist before Zionism and, later, against anti-Zionist Jews." - The Christian Century

"The survey of the material is extensive. . . . This important work reveals two things. (1) There is some kind of a meeting of traditions; it may be three religious voices: Liberal Protestantism, Fundamentalist-Evangelicalism, and Zionism. (2) Antisemitism is alive and well in Christian America." - Journal of Ecumenical Studies "The book is extremely well documented and deals fairly with fundamentalist ideology. It is a thoughtful, well-researched study." - Review and Expositor

"Rausch's research and documentation meet professional standards; indeed, the endnotes contain a great wealth of material. . . . [For] scholars seeking easy access to a previously neglected subject, this book will provide a rewarding richness of detail." - Journal of the American Academy of Religion

"This thoroughly researched book is valuable not only for its specific contribution to understanding Fundamentalism and Zionism, but as a major work within the field of American religious history." - The Syracuse Jewish Observer

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