Annotated Bibliography and Guide to the Published Trumpet Music of Sigmund Hering

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Sigmund Hering (1899-1986) was perhaps the most influential trumpet teacher in America during the mid 20th century, and was known worldwide. He served as trumpeter with the Philadelphia Orchestra from 1925-1964. He is the most published trumpet pedagogue in the world. After a short introductory chapter on Sigmund Hering, this work analyzes his published trumpet works, draws conclusions on each text for suitability of use, and creates a guide for trumpet pedagogues for using Hering's 408 trumpet etudes for one trumpet without piano accompaniment. Appendices include: A Brief Look at the Compositional Relationship Between Leon Lester and Sigmund Hering; Brief Biographies of Sigmund Hering's Principal Viennese Instructors; A Complete List of Sources Used to Create the List 'Twentieth Century Topics of Trumpet Pedagogy'; and Definitions of Some Terms Used in that list. This book is available at a special price when ordered for text use. Call (716) 754-2788 for text information.


“The ‘Sigmund Hering Etude and Study Guide’ contained in Chapter 3 is a particularly useful listing of Hering’s etudes by type and degree of difficulty, modeled after Gordon Mathie’s The Trumpet Teacher’s Guide. . . . Erdmann has provided the trumpet community with a valuable research tool.” – International Trumpet Guild

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