How Jazz Trumpeters Play Music Today: Twelve Interviews on Technique, Style and Aesthetic

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The author presents an informative, highly entertaining set of interviews that offer the readers a wonderful insight into the mental, physical and spiritual processes involved in the various aspects of trumpet players who serve in the wide-ranging capacity of individual soloist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, author, teacher, scholar, musical philosopher, recording engineer, band leader, and visionary. A vital work in the history of Jazz.


"This body of work constitutes one of the most thoughtful and complete collections of in-depth commentary on the state of jazz music on the scene today. The content here is broader than dealing exclusively with the realm of jazz or trumpet. Indeed these interviews should be of great interest to anyone who wishes to know more about creativity and the human condition as it relates to high-level interactions between musicians (who happen to play trumpet) and the larger world. I hope that this book enjoys a wide popularity in realms far beyond jazz or even music in general. Quite simply Erdmann’s subjects are truly worth getting to know!”
-Dr. Gary Mortenson,
Dean, School of Music,
Baylor University,
Past Publications Editor – International Trumpet Guild Journal

“…each person interviewed in this book has a unique message for readers based on their personal experiences in music, and in life. The interviews deliver that message with both musical and human depth. The breadth of journalistic energy and artistic endeavor covers trumpeters from age 25 to age 80…it will serve as an inspiration to young aspiring trumpeters and guide them for the future that lies ahead…must reading for anyone interested in becoming a professional trumpet player.”
-David J. Gibson,
Former Editor, Saxophone Journal,
Publisher, Saxophone Today

Table of Contents

Foreword - David J. Gibson
Publication Permission
Chapter 1 – Rebecca Coupe Franks
Chapter 2 – Christian Scott
Chapter 3 – Ted Curson
Chapter 4 – Cynthia Robinson
Chapter 5 – Frank London
Chapter 6 – Pharez Whitted
Chapter 7 – Tom Browne
Chapter 8 – Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith
Chapter 9 – Cuong Vu
Chapter 10 – Ian Carey
Chapter 11 – Matt White
Chapter 12 – Tyler Kaneshiro

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