How Saxophonists Understand Their Music: Five Interviews

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This collection collects five interviews the author did for Saxophone Today, following its final issue in 2017. The interview subjects are: Geoffrey Deibel, (Saxophone Professor at Wichita State University), Jared Sims, (Saxophone Professor West Virginia University), Ed Calle, (Professional Saxophonist), Michael Lington, (Danish Smooth and Contemporary Jazz Musician), and Brian Utley, (Saxophone Professor Vanderbilt University).


"Erdmann studies extensively before every interview, listening closely to each performer's recorded output and reading previous writings about each artist. Erdmann searches for the unique qualities of each subject and then probes in the actual interview for insights in these areas. He listens carefully to each answer and asks thoughtful follow-up questions, digging further into the artist's mind. Erdmann searches constantly for pedagogical wisdom to help students and teachers alike, and this quest for relevance is a hallmark of his interviews, and one of the keys that make his conversations so interesting and useful to read."
Prof. Peter J. Wood,
University of South Alabama

Table of Contents




Chapter 1 - Geoffrey Deibel

Chapter 2 - Jared Sims

Chapter 3 - Ed Calle

Chapter 4 - Michael Lington

Chapter 5 - Brian Utley


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