The Trombone in The Renaissance

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"The story of the early trombone has been told by various authors.... My book focuses on the Renaissance, telling its story through pictures and documents rather than by means of a continuous narrative. My objective is to provide a source book that will be useful to performers as well as scholars, one that offers the reader vivid snapshots of the early history of the instrument." -Stewart Carter (Introduction)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Part I: The Fifteenth Century
Chapter 2: Italy through 1499
Chapter 3: France and the Low Countries through 1499
Chapter 4: Germany through 1499
Chapter 5: Spain through 1499
Chapter 6: Portugal through 1499

Part II: The Sixteenth Century
Chapter 7: England, 1495-1599
Chapter 8: Italy, 1500-1599
Chapter 9: France, 1500-1599
Chapter 10: The Low Countries, 1500-1599
Chapter 11: Germany, 1500-1599
Chapter 12: Spain, 1500-1599
Chapter 13: Portugal, 1500-1599
Chapter 14: Asia, Africa, and the New World, 1500-1599
Chapter 15: Scandinavia, 1400-1599
Chapter 16: Eastern Europe, 1500-1599
Chapter 17: Conclusion
Appendix 1: Trombones made before 1600
Appendix 2: Documents
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