Subject Area: Portugal-Portugese

Anthology of Renaissance Plays in Translation
 Conlon, Raymond
2002 0-7734-6905-2 516 pages
A selection of Renaissance Italian, Spanish and Portuguese plays in translation, each accompanied by an introduction to the author and his works and their cultural milieu.

Price: $299.95

Biographies of Prince Edward and Friar Pedro by André De Resende
 Martyn, John R. C.
1997 0-7734-8538-4 232 pages
This work is the first to provide an English version of these two Portuguese texts. The biographies of Prince Edward (Duarte), born 1515, and of Friar Pedro Porteiro, were composed by one of Portugal's most illustrious scholars, André de Resende (1498-1573), tutor to the prince. Besides giving a full account of the life and education of the heir apparent, Resende describes the daily life, routines, superstitions, corrupt officials, special events, and choral interludes in Évora's Dominican monastery, where Resende had studied during his early years. Includes a brief biography of Resende in addition to the Portuguese and English texts on facing pages.

Price: $179.95

Essays in Luso-Hispanic Humor
 Seaver, Paul W. Jr.
2004 0-7734-6322-4 125 pages

Price: $139.95

Understanding the Portuguese Poet Joaquim Pessoa, 1942-2007: A Study in Iberian Cultural Hybridity
 Simon, Robert
2008 0-7734-5001-7 164 pages
The first definitive study of Joaquim Pessoa’s poetry, this work examines the place of mysticism in postmodern literature by analyzing the role of mystical love in Pessoa’s poems.

Price: $159.95