Essays in Luso-Hispanic Humor

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“The Luso-Hispanic world, with the three religions of its medieval centuries with its early-modern projection to new continents and new peoples, with its rich localism and linguistic diversity, its constant juxtaposition of violently differing life experiences, and the formidable, ultimately futile, mechanisms of constraint which sought to simplify and contain all this, may well have been especially rich in the kinds of intersections which motivate humor…..There is in the present volume of essays a freshness of engagement with important topics.” – (From the Preface) Nicholas G. Round (retired), Sheffield University, Fellow of the British Academy

“This book is a collection of ten essays written in Spanish, English and Portuguese. The essays have been carefully edited and skillfully presented in a manner which students as well as teachers of Spanish and Portuguese literature, culture and society – indeed anyone interested in the topic of humor and its many aspects in the Luso-Hispanic world – will find informative and thought-provoking…..Each of the selected essays presents a thorough and profound analysis of humoristic traditions in the Luso-Hispanic world, and each is written with great clarity and intellectual rigor. I highly recommend this book as an outstanding and innovative contribution to the field of Luso-Hispanic studies.” – Richard A. Picerno, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Central Connecticut State University

“This articles contained herein cover a variety of nations and authors in the Luso-Hispanic world. It is a volume that the reader will find enjoyable both for its quality and the diversity of themes related to humor that it presents. The Edwin Mellen Press is to be commended for publishing a book of humor studies by a diverse group of scholars who investigate the topic from diverse ways of expressing humor to humor in a variety of literary genres…..This is a very instructive volume. It offers readers a sound representation of critical thought by dedicated and perceptive scholars who bring a wide spectrum of background knowledge to the study of humor in Luso-Hispanic literature.” – Professor Juan Cruz Mendizábal (retired), Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Table of Contents

Interview with Luis Rafael Sánchez
• El humor negro y la caricature contemporánea espanõla con su origin en los clásicos espanõles (José María Pérez González “Peredis”)
• An Unsuitable Job for a Woman? Irony and Subversion in the ‘Anatomical’ Discourses of Norah Lange (K.M.Sibbald)
• Actas/actos de los apóstoles en España (segunda mitad del siglo XVI) (Louis Imperiale)
• A paródia do sagrado em dois contos de Álamo Oliveira (Laura Areias)
• Reading Across the Puerto Rican Divide: Colonialism and the Politics of Humor in Three Stories by Ana Lydia Vega (Carol Wallace)
• Humor carnavalesco y érotico en La Lozana andaluza de Francisco Delicado (Linnette Fourquet-Reed)
• La caca verde: Un ejemplo de irregularidad criminal en El obsceno pájaro de la noche de José Donoso (María del C. Cerezo)
• Huarte’s Early Modern Speculations About Melancholy and Laughter (Vera Cecília Machline)
• Choteo y relajo: dimensions humorísticas en Tres tristes tigres y La guaracha del Macho Camacho (Alvín Joaquín Figueroa)
• Motion, Emotion, and the Art of Staircase Climbing: Cortázar’s “Instrucciones” and Granell’s El clavo (Jorge Marí)

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