Anthology of Renaissance Plays in Translation

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A selection of Renaissance Italian, Spanish and Portuguese plays in translation, each accompanied by an introduction to the author and his works and their cultural milieu.


“Professor Conlon’s introductions are scholarly yet inviting, very effectively conveyed in an elegant prose style. Conlon provides fascinating details and writes with exuberance and flair….. this anthology achieves a rewarding totality of vision of the Renaissance Mediterranean theater, its ideologies – artistic, religious, social and political – and its reach.” - Jane W. Albrecht, Wake Forest University

“I find that the concept is a useful one for teaching European drama of this early period as well as providing ample information for the nonspecialist curious to obtain a succinct, comprehensive, efficient beginning point. The texts selected and the translators… are specialists in this area and have provided excellent translations.” – Anita K. Stoll, Cleveland State University

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface (Dawn L. Smith)
Lodovico Ariosto's The Coffer. Translated by Edmond S. Beame and Leonard S. Brocchi
The Two False Gypsies. (a scenario from commedia dell'arte). Translated by Raymond Conlon
Niccoló Machiavelli's La Mandragola. Translated by Stark Young
Miguel de Cervantes's The Magic Cave of Salamanca and The Marvellous Puppet Show. Translated by Dawn Smith
Lope de Vega's Peribáñez and the Comendador of Ocaña. Translated by Walter Starkie
Tirso de Molina's Damned for Despair. Translated by Nicholas Round
Gil Vicente's The India Play and The Boat of Hell. Translated by Anthony Lappin

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