Drama of War in the Theatre of Anne Devlin, Marie Jones, and Christina Reid, Three Irish Playwrights

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The book is about the representation of war in the plays of Anne Devlin, Marie Jones and Christina Reid. Cumulatively, the plays demonstrate a symbiotic relationship between war and gender, showing women’s response to war as complex and diverse. The work of these three playwrights suggests that women played a much bigger part in the conflict and in the post-conflict environment than has been acknowledged.


“Brenda Liddy writes with the awareness of someone who is both a careful witness and astute commentator. Her work is simultaneously nuanced and locally aware, yet functions just as easily on a more universal level. This exceptionally insightful, astute and creative book is a decisive move towards addressing many of the analytical imbalances in current scholarship.”
Dr. Eamonn Jordan, University College Dublin

Table of Contents

Foreword Dr Eamonn Jordan University College Dublin
List of Illustrations
1. ‘Warrior Lover, Fighting Side by Side to Death’: Representations of War in Female-authored Contemporary Northern Irish Drama.
Texts and Contexts: Northern Irish Women Playwrights
2. ‘Belles on Balconies’: The Representation of Female
Community in Women’s Contemporary Drama During the ‘Troubles’
3. ‘Warrior lover, fighting side by side to the death’: The Representations of-Warrior Women in Female-authored Contemporary Northern Irish Drama
4. ‘So it’s only logical that a feminine influence has got to be brought to bear upon the troubled waters of Belfast at this point in time.’
The Representations of women as peacemakers in female-authored Northern Irish Drama

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