Subject Area: American Congress

American Mid-Term Elections of 1922
 Ranson, Edward
2007 0-7734-5304-0 472 pages
This study offers an original account and analysis of the political fortunes of the Harding Administration at its mid-point, and of the public verdict upon the perceived record of the so-called “Do Nothing” Sixty-seventh Congress. This work reveals much about the political culture of the early 1920s, and the extent to which it reflected the many economic, social and cultural changes of the decade. It fills a surprising gap in the political history of the 1920s and paves the way for a proper understanding of the 1924 presidential election in which so many of the issues and personalities resurfaced.

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Congressional and Presidential Relations in the United States. Studies in Governmental Gridlock
 Pederson, William D.
1991 0-7734-9742-0 164 pages
A number of distinguished political scientists, historians, and present and former Congressmen address the issue of governmental gridlock from structural and psychological perspectives. Because the issue may be traced to the South's ticket-splitting in the 1950's, it's appropriate to assess this phenomenon of American politics from both national and southern perspectives.

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Debate in the U.S. Senate About the War in South Vietnam and Cambodia. Chronicling the Struggle for Power Between the Congress and the Presidency
 Witcher, Russ
2008 0-7734-4961-2 132 pages
Examines how the war in South Vietnam was reflective of a larger battle within the United States between the executive and the legislative branches of government over war-making powers.

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Examination of the Budgetary Relationship Between the U.S. Supreme Court and Congress, 1789-2005
 Prescott, Jr., James F.
2010 0-7734-3832-7 392 pages
The primary audience of this work will be scholars who study judicial process and behavior at the federal level of government. The data cover in excess of 205 years of American history. No comprehensive work on this subject has ever been published.

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Gilbert Hitchcock of Nebraska - Wilson's Floor Leader in the Fight for the Versailles Treaty
 Ryley, Thomas W.
1997 0-7734-8476-0 404 pages

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Impeaching the American President: The Cases of Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and William Clinton
 Leibowitz, Arnold H.
2022 1-4955-1030-1 640 pages
This is a softcover book (reprint). "This book rejects Presidential impeachment, supporting in its stead a Congressional action of censure against the President. ...For over 220 years from the founding of the Republic, the impeachment of the President was an unusual event. It occurred only once in the case of Andrew Johnson; but the circumstances then were extraordinary, the impeachment arising in the wake of a civil war. Even so, the impeachment effort failed albeit by one vote. It was not expected to be used again. ...This seemed to be in accordance with the vision of the Framers of the Constitution. Many of the Founding Fathers argued that impeachment was unnecessary for the President. The Presidency, after all, was an elected position; the periodic elections themselves would act as a safety value and remove those who abused the public trust. ...In addition to treating all of the impeachments in a comparative way, the book discusses the biographical background of Johnson, Nixon and Clinton so as to understand, in each case, their struggles to reach the Presidency, their relationship to the Congress and to the public." -From the Author's Abstract

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Interest Groups and Lobbying in United States and Comparative Perspectives. Essays in Ethics, Institutional Pluralism, Regulation, and Management
 McGrath, Conor
2009 0-7734-4692-3 452 pages
This collection of original research on interest groups and lobbying around the world offers the most wide-ranging set of scholarly analyses of organized interest behavior available to date. While there is an enormous amount of research already available on groups in the American political process, and a smaller though still sizeable body dealing with interest representation in the other Western democracies, this collection provides scholars with perspectives on an unprecedented range of nations.

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Making of Criminal Justice Policy in the United States. Essays on the Role of the President, the Congress, and the Public
 Oliver, Williard M.
2008 0-7734-4963-9 592 pages
This work analyzes the interplay between the American political system and criminal justice policy, providing a comprehensive examination of the vital role politics plays in defining key elements of the criminal justice system.

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Political Parties and Policy Gridlock in American Government
 Jones, David R.
2001 0-7734-7426-9 176 pages
This book makes both theoretical and empirical contributions to three prominent areas of interest in the field of political science: identifying the causes of legislative gridlock in our national government; the debate over effects of divided government; and concern over increasing polarization of political parties in America. By incorporating the institutional factors of the Senate filibuster and the presidential veto with partisan factors of party polarization and the proportion of seats held by each party, the work articulates a precise theory about when gridlock is likely to occur. Contradicting many prominent accounts, this theory suggests that divided government does not affect gridlock once party polarization and party seat division are taken into account. It conducts a rigorous set of empirical tests which suggest that the author’s theory offers a significant improvement over existing models. The study helps the reader to better understand the conditions under which policy stability and policy change, carries important implications for political scientists contemplating future research, and for government reformers.

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Political Principles of Senator Barry M. Goldwater as Revealed in His Speeches and Writings
 Schlup, Leonard
2012 0-7734-2587-X 576 pages
This book presents a selected compilation of Senator Barry M. Goldwater’s speeches and writings from the 1950s to the 1990s. Arranged chronologically, these primary source documents reveal the Senator’s position on deficit spending, defense, politics, foreign policy, Gay Rights, Native Americans, Civil Rights, the news media, natural resources, constitutional rights, freedom, evangelical preachers, and other topics dealing with the making of modern American political principles. With a comprehensive introduction, appendix of related speeches and writings, and list of suggested readings, this volume will be a welcome addition for librarians, historians, political scientists, government officeholders, and other people and groups interested in United States political history during the second half of the twentieth century.

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Principles and Practice of Political Compromise. A Case Study of the United States Senate
 Seltser, Barry J.
1984 0-88946-657-2 308 pages
An empirical and ethical examination of the role of compromise in American politics. Interviews of 34 Senators and 20 staffmembers, as well as with several lobbyists and journalists, provide a rare glimpse into the world of political decision-making. Valuable not only for studying the process of political compromise, but also for its historical account of Congress during the session during which the research took place.

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Transition From Congressional Government to Presidential Government in the Late Nineteenth Century. The Key Role of Grover Cleveland in the Process
 Steinfeldt, Andrew
2012 0-7734-3066-0 180 pages
The book argues that the imperial presidency began, not with Franklin Delano Roosevelt, but rather with Grover Cleveland. The role of the president was enlarged, and the role of congress diminished during his time in office.

Once the concept of the modern presidency is clearly defined according to its attributes, it becomes clear that it has evolutionary roots that extend to the late 19th century. An examination of Grover Cleveland’s presidencies shows that he laid the foundation for what has become the modern presidency by actions that took place during his two separated terms. He implemented civil service reform and scaled back the number of patronage appointments significantly, took steps towards building a professional bureaucracy. He also regained the independence of the presidency by pressuring Congress to repeal the Tenure of Office Act, and pioneered the form of political leadership that presidents exhibit today.

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United States Congress and National Defense, 1915-1939
 Ferrell, Henry C.
2008 0-7734-5389-X 1428 pages
This study examines the United States’ rise to the status of world power during the first third of the twentieth century. Through necessity to defend against enemies in two world wars, the United States matured into the most powerful political entity of the era. In defining that course, commentators have frequently credited the military and presidents with this successful advance, while rarely mentioning the importance of Congress. It was Congress, however, which functioned as the initiating body for authorizing and appropriating defense legislation. To reveal Congress’s oft-hidden role, this study incorporates sources that have remained previously unexamined. Public and private documents, records of committee hearings, manuscript collections, and laws are analyzed and brought together to present a more complex portrayal of the time period.

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