Interest Groups and Lobbying in United States and Comparative Perspectives. Essays in Ethics, Institutional Pluralism, Regulation, and Management

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This collection of original research on interest groups and lobbying around the world offers the most wide-ranging set of scholarly analyses of organized interest behavior available to date. While there is an enormous amount of research already available on groups in the American political process, and a smaller though still sizeable body dealing with interest representation in the other Western democracies, this collection provides scholars with perspectives on an unprecedented range of nations.


“The originality of this project stands out: it is to take readers into a wider range of lobbying locations than any other work to date. . . It will be a standard, international text on lobbying and interest groups for years to come.” – Prof. Kevin Moloney, Bournemouth University

“. . . focuses on providing comparative analysis of different systems (e.g. EU and US) and assessing lobbying in meta-level institutional frameworks like the UN as well as presenting thought-provoking conceptual and theoretical contributions to key debates surrounding the nature of contemporary lobbying and public affairs.” – Prof. Ian Somerville, University of Ulster

“. . . adds enormously to our understanding of organized interests and the ways in which their relations with government are structured.” – Prof. Phil Harris, University of Chester

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr Kevin Moloney
Introduction – Conor McGrath
Part I: The United States
1. Growing Larger, Going Abroad, Getting Acquired: D.C. Lobbying as an Industry and a Cash-Flow Source – Burdett Loomis and Micheal Struemph
2. Follow the Money: The Network of Political Organizations and Candidates in 2000 – Suzanne M. Robbins and Maksim Tsvetovat
3. Lobbyists’ Arguments as Differentiated Informational Subsidies: With Evidence from Recent Medicare Hearings – Kevin M. Esterling
4. Personal Relationships and Information as Lobbying Strategies: Adaptation in the Context of the American States – Adam J. Newmark
5. Governors, Lobbying, and the Legislature: Evidence from a Pilot Study – Anthony J. Nownes and Marcus Osborn
6. Lobbying as Advocacy Public Relations and its “Unspoken” Code of Ethics – Kate Tusinski Berg
7. Poachers Turned Gamekeepers: A Pilot Study of US Legislators with Previous Professional Lobbying Experience – Connor McGrath
Part II: Comparative Studies
8. The Four Logics of Business, Money and Political Parties – Iain McMenamin
9. Explaining Societal Activism by Intra-Organizational Factors: Professionalized Representation of Human Rights NGOs and UN Level – Kerstin Martens
10. How Much Do Institutions Matter? Institutional Design and Lobbying Influence in the EU and the US – Irina Michalowitz
11. Lobbying Reform in the US and the EU: Progress on Two Continents – Craig Holman
12. The Politics of Regulating Lobbyists: Assessing Attitudes of Actors in the World of Regulated Lobbying – Gary Murphy, Raj Chari and John Hogan
13. The Business of Building Group Membership: Recruitment as Disengagement – Grant Jordan and William Maloney
14. Machiavelli, Marketing and Management: The Development of International Public Affairs Management – Phil Harris
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